Tigers Hit the Water at the Speedo Sectionals in Indianapolis

Karen Gernert
Apr 2, 2019

Your FAST Tigers were back in action over the weekend at the Speedo Sectionals in Indianapolis. Taking place at the IU Natatorium, the meet included 850 athletes from across the country. Included among those athletes was the largest team FAST has ever taken to this national competition. The work the FAST athletes have put in this season was certainly evident as they earned their way to this meet, several new cuts, and lifetime best swims.

At the Speedo Sectionals, FAST was represented by 31 athletes. These athletes included Trevor Adcock, Kalli Agapios, Reed Beaumont, Morgan Booth, Connor Carlile, Jackson Carlile, Simon Davies, Ellen Fero, Aaron Frollo, Izzy Harding, Samantha Hietpas, Cory Jacocks, Abby Jahns, Savannah Kennedy, Bruno Kitazuka, Diane Koo, Abby Miller, Jessica Patrick, Kenzie Pierce, Kyle Ponsler, Hannah Pratt, Charlie Ramey, JoJo Ramey, Lydia Reade, Kara Robeson, Nicole Rueff, Tyler Schwertfeger, Nic Silva, Alexandra Stein, Kylie Terpening, and Corinne Yorkman.

These athletes raced to 48 new lifetime best swims. These athletes included: Kalli Agapios (1), Reed Beaumont (3), Morgan Booth (1), Connor Carlile (2), Jackson Carlile (5), Simon Davies (3), Ellen Fero (2), Aaron Frollo (4), Samantha Hietpas (1), Cory Jacocks (1), Bruno Kitazuka (1), Diane Koo (1), Abby Miller (3), Jessica Patrick (1), Kenzie Pierce (1), Kyle Ponsler (7), Charlie Ramey (1), JoJo Ramey (1), Kara Robeson (1), Nicole Rueff (3), Tyler Schwertfeger (2), Nic Silva (1), Alexandra Stein (1), Kylie Terpening (3), and Corinne Yorkman (1).  

Special congratulations go out to the following swimmers for making finals (Top 32) at the Speedo Sectional Meet, including: Morgan Booth (800 Meter Free - 22nd, 400 Meter Free - 25th);  Jackson Carlile (1500 Meter Free - 2nd, 200 Meter Free - 8th, 400 Meter IM - 16th, 400 Meter Free - 6th, 800 Meter Free - 2nd); Simon Davies (200 Meter Back - 11th), Aaron Frollo (1500 Meter Free - 5th, 200 Meter Free - 15th, 400 Meter IM - 12th, 400 Meter Free - 12th, 800 Meter Free - 5th), Samantha Hietpas (800 Meter Free - 12th, 400 Meter Free - 23rd), Savannah Kennedy (400 Meter IM - 29th), Kyle Ponsler (200 Meter Back - 16th, 1500 Meter Free - 19th, 400 Meter IM - 10th, 400 Meter Free - 27th. 800 Meter Free - 17th), JoJo Ramey (200 Meter Back - 8th), Lydia Reade (200 Meter Breast - 30th, 400 Meter IM - 31st), Nicole Rueff (200 Meter Fly - 23rd), and Corinne Yorkman (200 Meter Free - 32nd). Way to go, Tigers!

FAST athletes also had multiple final swims with our relays. Top 32 relay teams included the 20th place Women's 200 Meter Free B Relay (Kalli Agapios, Ellen Fero, Abby Jahns, and Morgan Booth), the 17th place Women's 200 Meter Medley A Relay (JoJo Ramey, Lydia Reade, Nicole Rueff, and Hannah Pratt), the 25th place Women's 400 Meter Free A Relay (Ellen Fero, Corinne Yorkman, Kalli Agapios, and Morgan Booth), the 23rd place Women's 400 Meter Medley A Relay (Kalli Agapios, Lydia Reade, Nicole Rueff, and Ellen Fero), the 13th place Women's 800 Meter Free A Relay (Samantha Hietpas, Corinne Yorkman, Hannah Pratt, and JoJo Ramey), and the 24th place Women's 800 Meter Free B Relay (Ellen Fero, Morgan Booth, Kylie Terpening, and Charlie Ramey), the 23rd place Men's 200 Meter Free A Relay (Trevor Adcock, Cory Jacocks, Nic Silva, and Kyle Ponsler), the 24th place Men's 200 Meter Medley A Relay (Kyle Ponsler, Cory Jacocks, Trevor Adcock, and Jackson Carlile), the 31st place Men's 400 Meter Free A Relay (Jackson Carlile, Kyle Ponsler, Trevor Adcock, and Aaron Frollo), the 22nd place Men's 400 Meter Medley A Relay (Simon Davies, Reed Beaumont, Trevor Adcock, and Aaron Frollo).the 9th place Men's 800 Meter Free A Relay (Kyle Ponsler, Jackson Carlile, Aaron Frollo, and Cory Jacocks), and the 21st place Men's 800 Meter Free B Relay (Tyler Schwertfeger, Nic Silva, Bruno Kitazuka, and Trevor Adcock). Amazing job, Tigers!

Special congratulations also go out to Kyle Ponsler and Simon Davies for earning their 1st ever Winter Junior National Cuts in the 200 BackstrokeJoJo Ramey earned her 1st ever Summer Junior National cut, and Jackson Carlile earned his 1st ever National Open Water 10K cut.  Several other Winter JNAT cuts and up, including bonus cuts, were earned by the Tigers!

As this Sectional meet concluded, swimmers already are looking towards the 2020 Sectional meet which will take place at the 65+ million new aquatic facility in Elkhart, Indiana, on March 26-29 (and will conclude the week prior to Spring Break). The meet will be Long Course Meters and will conclude the week prior to Spring Break.  Details will be coming soon so planning can begin now for qualifying Team members.

What a weekend! We are so proud of your athletes for the efforts they put into this past weekend's Speedo Sectionals meet. We look forward to seeing what the future holds as you reach your goals… and set new ones!

Tiger Up!