Tigers Take 5th at Senior State and Earn New Cuts at the FAST Sunday Splash

Karen Gernert
Jul 22, 2019

Your FAST Tigers were back in action over the weekend at both the Indiana Senior State Championships at the Indiana University Natatorium and the FAST "Last Chance" Sunday Splash here at home. The work your athletes have put into the water this season was certainly evident as a staggering number of lifetime best swims were earned.

Downtown at the Indiana Senior State Championships, FAST athletes raced to 86 lifetime best swims and the 5th Place Indiana Senior State Team Championship! Earning lifetime bests at the Senior State Championship were: Logan Ayres (4), Reed Beaumont (4), Charity Bennett (1), Tim Bennett (4), Jackson Carlile (2), Simon Davies (2), Sean Deimling (3), Ellen Fero (1), Alex Garcia (3), Celina German (4), Izzy Harding (3), Cory Jacocks (4), Abby Jahns (1), Emma Julien (2), Kristopher Keller (2), Savannah Kennedy (1), Bruno Kitazuka (4), Diane Koo (4), Abby Miller (1), Lauryn Parrish (5), Jessica Patrick (2), Kenzie Pierce (1), Kyle Ponsler (5), Charlie Ramey (4), Lydia Reade (1), Nicole Rueff (2), Ben Russell (2), Nic Silva (2), Alexandra Stein (4), Kylie Terpening (5), and Corinne Yorkman (3). 

Special congratulations go out to Tim Bennett on his 100 Fly State Championship and to Lauryn Parrish on her 200 Back State Championship. Also placing in the Top 32 at the Senior State Meet were: Logan Ayres (200 Back - 31st; 1500 Free - 26th), Reed Beaumont (100 Breast - 30th; 200 Breast - 21st; 200 IM - 28th), Morgan Booth (400 Free - 19th; 800 Free - 8th; 1500 Free - 9th), Jackson Carlile (200 Fly - 17th; 200 Back - 16th; 200 Free - 3rd; 1500 Free - 3rd), Simon Davies (200 Fly - 19th; 400 IM - 12th); Sean Deimling (800 Free - 17th; 1500 Free - 18th); Aaron Frollo (200 Free - 11th; 400 IM - 14th), Alex Garcia (200 Breast - 25th), Cory Jacocks (200 Free - 15th; 400 Free - 14th), Abby Jahns (200 Fly - 11th; 1500 Free - 8th), Emma Julien (800 Free - 24th; 1500 Free - 30th), Savannah Kennedy (400 IM - 15th), Bruno Kitazuka (200 Free - 23rd; 800 Free - 12th; 1500 Free - 21st), Diane Koo (400 IM - 21st), Abby Miller (100 Fly - 30th), Lauryn Parrish (100 Back - 10th; 200 Free - 5th), Jessica Patrick (800 Free - 26th; 1500 Free - 23rd), Kyle Ponsler (200 Fly - 25th; 100 Back - 26th; 200 Breast - 27th; 1500 Free - 6th; 200 IM - 18th), Charlie Ramey (200 Back - 32nd; 200 Free - 30th; 800 Free - 27th), Lydia Reade (100 Breast - 23rd; 200 Breast - 21st; 1500 Free - 10th; 200 IM - 28th), Nicole Rueff (100 Fly - 21st; 200 Fly - 12th), Ben Russell (1500 Free - 31st), Tyler Schwertfeger (400 Free - 29th; 800 Free - 16th; 1500 Free - 27th), Alexandra Stein (100 Fly - 27th; 200 Back - 29th), and Corinne Yorkman (200 Back - 13th; 400 Free - 18th; 200 IM - 16th).

Relays finishing in the Top 32 for the women included the 8th place 200 Medley A Relay (Lauryn Parrish, Lydia Reade, Alexandra Stein, and Ellen Fero - new FAST record), the 21st place 200 Medley B Relay (Corinne Yorkman, Kenzie Pierce, Nicole Rueff, and Kalli Agapios), the 30th place 200 Medley C Relay (Charlie Ramey, Diane Koo, Abby Miller, and Kylie Terpening), the 12th place 400 Medley A Relay (Celina German, Lydia Reade, Nicole Rueff, and Ellen Fero), the 32nd place 400 Medley B Relay (Charlie Ramey, Diane Koo, Alexandra Stein, and Amilia Nusbaum), the 12th place 200 Free A Relay (Lauryn Parrish, Alexandra Stein, Kalli Agapios, and Ellen Fero), the 27th place 200 Free B Relay (Charity Bennett, Diane Koo, Charlie Ramey, and Corinne Yorkman), the 8th place 400 Free A Relay (Lauryn Parrish, Ellen Fero, Alexandra Stein, and Corinne Yorkman), the 12th place 400 Free B Relay (Amilia Nusbaum, Diane Koo, Lydia Reade, and Celina German), the 9th place 800 Free A Relay (Corinne Yorkman, Morgan Booth, Lauryn Parrish, and Abby Jahns), the 27th place 400 Free C Relay (Emma Julien, Abby Miller, Charlie Ramey, and Abby Jahns), the 18th place 800 Free B Relay (Diane Koo, Ellen Fero, Lydia Reade, and Charlie Ramey), the 29th place 800 Free C Relay (Abby Miller, Alexandra Stein, Jessica Patrick, and Kylie Terpening), and the 31st place 800 Free D Relay (Kalli Agapios, Kenzie Pierce, Emma Julien, and Emily Pfeifer).

Relays finishing in the Top 32 for the men included the 16th place 200 Medley A Relay (Kyle Ponsler, Reed Beaumont, Tim Bennett, and Cory Jacocks), the 30th place 200 Medley B Relay (Logan Ayres, Kristopher Keller, Aaron Frollo, and Nic Silva), the 32nd place 200 Medley C Relay (Simon Davies, Alex Garcia, Bruno Kitazuka, and Sean Deimling), the 24th place 400 Medley A Relay (Kyle Ponsler, Cory Jacocks, Aaron Frollo, and Jackson Carlile), the 28th place 400 Medley B Relay (Simon Davies, Reed Beaumont, Kristopher Keller, and Logan Ayres), the 32nd place 400 Medley C Relay (Izzy Harding, Alex Garcia, Bruno Kitazuka, and Nic Silva), the 18th place 200 Free A Relay (Tim Bennett, Jackson Carlile, Kyle Ponsler, and Cory Jacocks),  the 32nd place 200 Free B Relay (Reed Beaumont, Aaron Frollo, Logan Ayres, and Nic Silva), the 12th place 400 Free A Relay (Jackson Carlile, Cory Jacocks, Aaron Frollo, and Kyle Ponsler), the 30th place 400 Free B Relay (Logan Ayres, Kristopher Keller, Simon Davies, and Reed Beaumont), the 7th place 800 Free A Relay (Jackson Carlile, Aaron Frollo, Kyle Ponsler and Kristopher Keller), the 18th place 800 Free B Relay (Simon Davies, Tyler Schwertfeger, Sean Deimling, and Cory Jacocks), and the 20th place 800 Free C Relay (Reed Beaumont, Bruno Kitazuka, Logan Ayres, and Nic Silva).

Racing at the FAST "Last Chance" Sunday Splash, your FAST Tigers were indeed FAST as they raced for new lifetime best times, as well as new Age Group Divisional and Age Group State cut times. Throughout the afternoon, your Tigers fought to get their hands on the wall. Great efforts were given by all and, at the end of the day, your Tigers came away with 80 new lifetime best times and many additional cuts!

Earning lifetime best times were: AJ Adams (2), Lexi Adams (2), Humza Akhtar (3), Lee Balkcom (2), Lucas Beaulieu (3), Maddie Beaulieu (2), Lisa Bradford (2), Jude Bragdon (1), Santiago Castro (2), Isaiah Christian (3), Audrey Diehl (2), Destiny Dieu (1), Vince Dieu (2), Kiho Doura (2), Taisei Doura (3), Gavin Gannon (2), Grace Gannon (1), Sean Harvey (1), Dominic Henderson (2), Adley Henegar (2), Cora Henegar (2), Ellie Henegar (1), Jaxon Henegar (3), Jaylyn Henegar (2), Hayden Hollowell (3), Hunter Hollowell (2), Taichi Kataoka (1), Minon Kobari (1), Deren Kutlu (1), Hagen Lee (3), Larkin Lee (1), Evan Makielski (1), Matthew Makielski (1), Tommy Mybeck (3), Aleksander Nowacki (2), Konstanty Nowacki (1), Mia Parker (1), Rodrigo Sanchez (3), Jack Schoo (3), Emma Schumacher (1), Ken Smith (2), Avery Stein (1), and Emily Wolf (1).

As always, special thanks go out to our parents for their support and encouragement of these athletes, and to the officials and timers, who gave up part of their Sunday so that our athletes could compete. We appreciate all you do for our program and our athletes!

It was certainly a great weekend to be a Tiger! We are so proud of your athletes for the efforts they put into this past weekend's meets. We are excited to see what our athletes do in the upcoming weeks as they race at Age Group State, Age Group Divisionals, Zones, NCSA's, and Junior Nationals. Let's ROAR as we head through the rest of the championship season.

Tiger Up!

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