Kyle Ponsler and JoJo Ramey Compete at FINA World Cup in Berlin, Germany

Kristopher Keller

Kyle Ponsler and JoJo Ramey have completed Leg 1 of the FINA World Cup competing in Berlin, Germany.

Kyle competed in the 100scm Back placing 21st with a time of 55.22, the 200scm Free placing 32nd with a time of 1:50.47, the 200scm IM placing 17th with a time of 2:01.51, the 50scm Breast placing 32nd with a time of 30.11, the 400scm Free placing 20th with a time of 3:50.73, and the 100scm IM placing 31st with a time of 58.35.

JoJo competed in the 200scm Back placing second with a time of 2:04.41, the 100scm Back placing seventh with a time of 58.71, the 100scm IM placing 27th with a time of 1:04.10, and the 50scm Back placing 23rd with a time of 28.58.

Both Kyle and JoJo will be competing in Budapest, Hungary in Leg 2 of the FINA World Cup with competition starting on October 7th. Good luck Kyle and JoJo! TIGER UP!

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