Tiger Teammates

The purpose of the Tiger Teammates program is to put swimmers into groups so that more experienced members are helping less experienced members in understanding the sport of swimming and FAST.  It is also hoped that this program will create team spirit and foster mentoring.  The following are guidelines in reference to this program:

  1. This program will only work if everyone makes an effort to contact their partner/s!  Please do this prior to the first meet and throughout the season.

  2. Let us know if you need help contacting the other family members.  New parents may also use this to find answers to questions they may have and eliminate the need to ask a coach or board member.

  3. The pairings were strictly random.  If something is not working, then please contact Coach Keller.

  4. Please understand that your partner/s may not attend all of the same meets that you will and may not swim in the same session of a meet that you both attend.  Also, coaches may assign you a different teammate for a specific meet for the purpose of helping during sessions your partner will not attend. This is done outside of the Partner's Program and does not change who your Partner's Program partner is for the season.

  5. What a swimming partner could do: cheer at meets for each other; send a card of encouragement; place a note in the partner’s folder with encouragement or congratulatory remark; make partner cookies, buy them a Gatorade, etc; be supportive and willing to listen to each other, allow the program to create great relationships that go beyond swimming!

Let’s come together to build the FAST family and take this amazing program to new levels!

Check out the Tiger Teammates Roster for the 2019-2020 Short Course Season. Make new friends, support your teammates, and be great Tigers!


Tiger Up!


Updated 12-02-2019