FAST Training Videos

The links below will help you to better navigate our website, as well as log in to the site, sign your athletes into and out of meets, and sign up for your preferred event support positions. Please let us know what other information you would like to see highlighted as we develop our online training section. Thanks and Tiger Up!


FAST Video Library

  • Signing In To Your FAST Account - This video details the process of signing in to your FAST account and the information contained in your account settings - both for parents and athletes.
  • Signing Into and Out of Meets - This video details the process of editing your athlete's meet commitment - whether they will be attending or declining each meet.
  • Team Events and Event Support Sign Up - This video details how to find information about the various meets your athletes participate in, as well as how to sign up for event support positions for our home meets.
  • Training Group Pages - How to find your athlete's training group page and the information contained therein.
  • Training Schedule Calendar - This video details how access the various calendar tools available to our FAST families, so everyone knows when they are expected to be at the pool - for training, meets, or other activities.