Helpful Swim/Meet Tools and Apps


Meet Mobile

The essential swimming app for swimmers, coaches, meet hosts and fans, Meet Mobile provides real-time meet results and standings from anywhere, at any time, as well as psych sheets, heat sheets and more. Meet Mobile is an app that many of our meet hosts use to share results in a more efficient manner. There is a $5.99/year (or $1.99/month) subscription fee to access to both archived and live meet results. Individual meet hosts may also charge additional for access to their heat sheets.

As with many web-based applications, there are limitations that parents should be aware of. Often, times are transferred electronically and automatically from the scoreboard into the app. These times are “unofficial” and the event will display a green dot in the Meet Mobile app.  

Once an event has been swum, the meet officials working the administrative (scoring) table then process the results:  DQs, soft touches (when the board doesn’t register the correct time), heat/lane changes, etc.  

When they complete this process and if everything is running smoothly at the scoring table, the “complete” results are published to the Meet Mobile app and there will then be a red dot next to the event.

A few cautions & tips:

Even when event results are marked “complete” on Meet Mobile, they might not be accurate.  This is extremely important to note at prelims/finals meets.  The “official results” are those read by the announcer, posted in the results area, and held at the scratch table.  If your swimmer is uncertain, they should check with their coach.

The USA Swimming database, or Deck Pass, is the ultimate destination of a swimmer’s results.  You can now Deck Pass from your FOX account page (at the top of the left-hand nav when you log in) or by using the Deck Pass Plus app.


Deck Pass (web) and Deck Pass Plus (app)

Deck Pass is a FREE online platform that tracks swimmers' times and rewards them with digital incentives. Swimmers’ times are submitted by meet hosts and loaded into the USA Swimming database.  Therefore, times may not be available until several days following the completion of a meet.  There are also goal tracking tools and patches that swimmers earn (for trying new events, swimming a personal best time, holidays, swimming a time ending in .00, and other “fun” incentives).

Once available only on USA Swimming's website, Deck Pass is now integrated within the Team Unify platform, and accessible in your account page on the FOX website (located in the top of the left-hand nav once you log in). You will need to create a Deck Pass account for your swimmer, using his/her USA Swimming ID, and then will be able to view all your recent meets, times and rankings. 

Deck Pass Plus is USA Swimming's official mobile app. All features of Deck Pass are available on the Deck Pass Plus app. (Note: In the App Store and on Google Play, there is an app called "Deck Pass." That has since been upgraded and is now called "Deck Pass Plus." If you download "Deck Pass," you will be prompted to upgrade to "Deck Pass Plus."



The Fox website runs on the TeamUnify platform, and OnDeck is TeamUnify's FREE mobile app. Team administrators, coaches, and parents can download OnDeck and in real-time, access their team accounts, events, news, jobs, and more. Nearly everything that you are able to do on the Fox website you can access on the app, including declare for meets, sign up for jobs, check swimmers' times, and so much more.

Use your Fox account credentials to log in to the OnDeck app.