Sent on 11/21/22 to FOX families with swimmers committed to Holiday Classic:
Good morning, FOX families,
Please read this in its entirety to familiarize yourself with job signup policies. As this is an away FOX meet, please plan accordingly.  It takes more than 400 volunteers to run a successful three-day meet.   The meet committee reserves the right to adjust job assignments to meet the needs of the meet.

When is job signup for Holiday Classic?

Jobs signup will open at 10am on Nov 21 and close on Dec 2.

Who is required to sign up for a job

If you have a swimmer swimming at Holiday Classic, you are required to work a job/jobs in its entirety. You are responsible for staying for the full duration of your job.

How many jobs do I need to sign up for? 

The number of jobs a family is to work is dependent upon the number of sessions your swimmer(s) are entered. The best way to understand this is to ask yourself, "At how many sessions will I physically be if I want to watch all my swimmers? For example, if you have two swimmers who will both attend only Session 2, you would want to watch a total of 1 session, therefore your family is required to work 1 job. But if you have two swimmers, with one swimmer attending Session 2 and the other Session 6, you would want to watch a total of 2 sessions, therefore your family is required to work 2 jobs:

  • Swimming 1 session: 1 job
  • Swimming 2 or more sessions: 2 jobs

If you have swimmer(s) in the Friday night session, please consider working Friday night. 

Also, if your swimmer(s) qualify for finals, you will be asked at the meet to work at the most one of your swimmer(s)' finals session in addition to your other required jobs. 

What happens if I miss the signup deadline?

Failure to sign up for a job prior to the signup deadline does NOT eliminate your family's job responsibility. If you miss the signup, the Meet Committee will assign you your jobs and you will still be required to work. For every job that the Meet Committee loads on your behalf after the signup window closes,   you will be charged $50
Again, you will still be required to work the job that the Meet Committee assigns for you. You are responsible for checking the jobs page to find out what those jobs are.

What happens if I do not work my job?

Scratching out of the meet for any reason, including illness, does NOT eliminate your family's  job responsibility. Again: There is no circumstance under which the job responsibility/fee will be waived. You will be charged $100 for each job that you miss.

How can I avoid a missed job fee? 

You can arrange for a substitute worker if your family cannot work, or reach out to other FOX families to swap jobs. Substitutes should be 14 years or up, should be familiar with swim meets, and should be able to communicate effectively. Please note that any arrangement you make with a substitute worker is between you and the sub; FOX is not responsible for any disputes between you and your sub.
If you or someone you know is interested in BEING a substitute meet worker, please fill out the signup form here:
If you are interested in HIRING a substitute meet worker to fill your job requirement, please see the list of available subs here:

Can I make changes to my jobs after the deadline closes?

After the deadline closes, NO ADDITIONAL changes may be made. That includes changing job responsibilities, changing sessions, removing accidental signups, etc. Please double check your jobs BEFORE the signup window closes on December 2nd. You WILL be responsible for any jobs you have signed up for, otherwise you will be charged fees