Official Team Apparel

Each swimmer will receive three team shirts and a team latex swim cap. The shirts will be worn to all meets.

Swimmers must also have the following official team apparel: 

  • TYR Black Fox Suit
  • Yellow Swim Caps

Other recommended team items for purchase at Swimmer's Edge

  • TYR Fox Backpack
  • TYR Fox Parka
  • TYR Fox Track Suit

TYR is our official sponsor and offers Fox backpacks, parkas, warm ups, additional caps, and other items for our team. All official team apparel is for purchase at Swimmers Edge. Swimmer's Edge also offers other Fox items, goggles, and swim equipment (snorkels, etc...).

7532 Janes Ave.
Woodridge, IL. 60517


  • Official Team Gear: 
  • Due to order deadlines with Swimmers Edge and to guarantee arrival of official team apparel (team suits, personalized swim caps, parkas, warmups and other team equipment) by our first meet (Oct. 12-13), items must be ordered BY SEPTEMBER 14TH.  This predates our already scheduled Picture/Apparel Night.  As such, there are several options to place your order for official team apparel:
  1. Stop by Swimmers Edge in Woodridge any time now for fitting and to place your order,
  2. Order at the Parent Meeting on September 9th, or
  3. If you're not in a rush for team apparel and would like to browse all items offered, Swimmers Edge will be at Picture/Apparel Night on October 9th.  Items ordered on October 9th will be delivered in early November. 
  • Team items can be ordered throughout the season, EXCEPT for personalized swim caps.  There is only one time to order personalized caps per season and the deadline for orders is Sept. 14th.

Team Spirit Wear

For spirit wear items for the entire family, our Apparel Committee has created a team store with Naperville Spirit Wear! Apparel can be customized and personalized with names, as well!  Visit the website below to order.

Naperville Spirit Wear