2019-2020 Short Course Season

Open for Returning Members

7/8/19 - 1/1/20

Open for New Members

7/15/19 - 1/1/20

129 Members

Welcome to the 2019-20 Short Course Season!

            Fox Valley Swimming  (“FOX”) is a competitive swim program operating in Naperville and Aurora, Illinois, at Neuqua Valley High School and Waubonsie Valley High School.  Age group swimmers (14 and under) must be residents of District 204. 

Please read this registration packet as there are changes from previous registrations.


REGISTRATION FOR NEW MEMBERS OPENS:                       July 15, 2019

No priority given to returning Fox members after July 15th.  A late fee of $50 is charged to returning Fox members registering after August 15th. NOTE:  High School Girls participating on their high school teams this fall must register by August 15th to avoid late fees.  Late fees will not be waived for any swimmers registering after August 15th.


            Practice schedules can be found online at www.foxswimteam.com. Practice times are designed around District 204 programming.  While Fox attempts to keep its practice schedule as consistent as possible, there will be changes to the schedule to maximize practice times due to changes in pool availability with District 204. 

The online calendar on the Fox website contains the most up-to-date schedule.  Please use the online calendar as your primary source for the practice schedule and check it on a routine basis.  Also, any last-minute changes are sent via email and text so long as a family has provided their contact information in the registration system.

Please subscribe to the online calendar on the Calendar page (you must be signed in).  Just select the age group(s) your swimmers belong to under “Roster Groups” and click the “Subscribe” button on the page.  You will need to follow the instructions for your platform & OS, but it does support Google Calendar, Apple iPhone and Android. 


Swimmers are placed in groups based upon age and appropriate skill/training level, as well as space within a group. 

A full description of all practice groups is listed on the Fox website.

The following practice groups are offered for this season.  12&U groups are offered at both Neuqua and Waubonsie High Schools (exceptions noted in chart below).  Swimmers must stay with their selected group throughout the season and placement at a location is subject to availability on a first-come, first-serve basis and cannot be guaranteed. 

Swimmers should register for the group based upon their age as of 12/31/19.   

Team Development Group (“TDG”)

For novice swimmers age 9-14 that are beyond lessons, but not ready for the training of the Age Group team.  TDG swimmers participate in home meets.  Practices mainly held in the three-lane, 20-yard pools.  9/10 TD available at both locations, 11/12 TD at NV and 11-14 TD at WV.  No TD for 8&U.  If the TDG for Waubonsie is less than 10 registered swimmers it may be consolidated with the TDG at Neuqua and then will practice as part of the Neuqua TDG or  both Waubonsie TDGs may be combined at Waubonsie.  This will be at the discretion of Fox and families will be notified if either case occurs.

Age Groups:  8&U, 9/10, 11/12, and 13/14.

8&U offered only at Neuqua unless at capacity.  9/10 & 11/12 age groups offered at both Waubonsie or Neuqua.  13/14 practices are split between Neuqua & Waubonsie. 


All high school age swimmers.


Group Placement & Evaluations

Placement in a practice group is at the sole discretion of the Fox coaching staff. 

Evaluations are held at Neuqua Valley High School for all NEW age group swimmers (14 and under) and any current Team Development/Stroke Clinic swimmer seeking placement in an Age Group, and Fox 8 and Under C group registering for 9/10 Age Group.  Age Group swimmers aging up do NOT need an evaluation. 

EVALUATION DATE:   Tuesday, July 23rd

8U, 9/10 (including TDG) Evaluations begin at 5:30pm

11 & Older Evaluations begin at 6:00pm

Please arrive 20 minutes early for check in

Swimmers must be registered and paid prior to evaluation.  Evaluation results will be emailed within one week of the evaluation date and will inform the swimmer to which group he/she is registered or if continuation of swim lessons is recommended.  Anyone not placed in either Team Development or Age Group will receive a full refund. 

Below describes some, but not necessarily all, of the criteria used to determine group placement.  Please see the Fox website for a full description of the practice groups.


Team Development Group

TDG is not a beginner swim lesson.  Athletes must be able to swim freestyle with face in the water and side breathing, refine backstroke for 25 yards, and proficiency (close to legal) fly and breaststroke.  TDG focuses on stroke and turn development.  TDG participates in all home meets.

Age Group

Athletes can legally swim all four strokes and maintain competitive level training for age group.  Age group swimmers are expected to compete in meets.

Regular participation in practices & eligible meets is expected of all swimmers including Team Development.


Registration opens July 8th for returning Fox swimmers, and July 15th for new swimmers.  All registration is conducted on our website www.foxswimteam.com.    Current Fox swimmers must be in good financial standing with the team to register.  A $50 late fee will be assessed for anyone registering after August 15th.  This includes high school girls participating on their high school teams, so please register prior to August 15th.

If you are a returning member, please check your account for accuracy and update your information, especially shirt size(s) as that can change from year to year.

All swimmers must have a valid USA Swimming Membership.  If you are currently registered with a different USA Swimming team, please select the transfer fee and complete the signed transfer form and return the form to:  Fox Swimming, P.O. Box 9135, Naperville, Illinois, 60567.  (Note:  Transfer forms are not needed if the team transferring from is a Naperville Swim Conference Team). 

All fees are per swimmer, not per family.  Fees are not prorated.  FOX offers a multiple swimmer per family discount: $50 per swimmer for 2 or more swimmers (1st swimmer does not receive a discount). 

All payments to Fox shall be made electronically through the TeamUnify system.

A valid card must be on file for team charges.  Neither cash nor checks are accepted.

A $79 annual USA Swimming registration fee is due at registration.

                                                  Total Fee +

                Group                       USA Reg              Due at Registration  Due Oct. 1*

Team Development

$690 + $79



8-13 years old.  Home meets.

8&U Age Group

$705 + $79




9/10 Age Group

$920 + $79




11/12 Age Group

$1,155 + $79




13/14 Age Group (not in high school)

$1,265 + $79

$79 + $632.50



Senior (All high school swimmers)

$920 + $79

$79 + $460



Transfer Fee




For swimmers changing from another USA Swimming team.

*The payment due October 1st will automatically charge to your card on file.

Refunds:  Full refunds will be given to any swimmer that requires an evaluation and is not placed in Team Development or Age Group.  Other refunds will be granted as follows:

Refunds requested prior to August 15, 2019

Full refund less $25 processing fee and any USA Swimming and transfer fees.


Refunds requested from August 15-September 1, 2019

Full refund less $50 processing fee and any USA Swimming and transfer fees.

Refunds requested from September 1-19, 2019

Full refund less $75 processing fee and any USA Swimming and transfer fees.

Refunds requested after September 19, 2019

No refunds.

All refund requests will be processed after the initial payment has cleared. 

Refund requests must be sent in writing to the Team Administrator, at foxswim204@gmail.com

            Meet FeesSwimmers are charged meet and event registration fees for meets they committed to swim.  Meet entry fees are set by the hosting team and are detailed in each meet packet (see below).  Fees will be deducted from the swimmer’s account monthly.  All account charges, payments and invoices can be viewed online when signed into the swimmer’s individual account on the team website.  No refunds will be given for meet entry fees if the swimmer committed to a meet and was registered, and the swimmer then withdraws from or fails to participate in the meet.


            All meet information is posted on the Fox website under “Fox Events.”  Please visit the website and click on each event for specific information regarding a meet.  Information includes the timeframe to commit to a meet, general meet information, the host meet website, and the host meet packet which details all the specific information for a meet.

            Swimmers are encouraged to attend all meets for which they are eligible and qualified.  Meets have different entry fees which will be charged to a swimmer’s account when they are entered into a meet.  Meet entry fees are detailed in the host meet packet. 

            Meet registration is conducted through the TeamUnify system (Fox website).  Each swimmer must commit to a meet within the time specified on the meet page to ensure entry into a meet.  (Meet commitment cutoffs are approximately four to six weeks prior to the meet).  Late entries will not be accommodated so be sure to commit to a meet on time.  Please note that if a swimmer’s financial account is not in good standing, the swimmer may be unable to register for meets until the account is brought current. 

            All eligible senior swimmers will be entered in all meets.  Senior swimmers unavailable for a meet or session must speak to Coach Dave and decline the meet commitment on the online meet signup system. 

            Prelim/Finals:  Some meets are structured with preliminary sessions early in the day and final sessions in the evening.  All Fox swimmers who commit to a meet with prelim/finals and qualify for finals are expected to swim in finals.  If there are special circumstances where a swimmer cannot swim finals, the swimmer must inform his/her group coach prior to the start of the meet.

            Championship Meets:  Swimmers who qualify for Regionals, Age Group and Senior State Championships, Sectionals and any other championship meet are expected to attend in all qualified events.  Eligible swimmers not able to attend a championship meet must notify their group coach prior to the entry date.  Entry for championship meets is conducted through USA Swimming Online Meet Entry (“OME”).  Thus, you must notify your coach if you are qualified and not attending a championship meet.

            Seniors:  Senior swimmers are not eligible to swim practices or meets with Fox while they are swimming for their high school team.  Senior girls can be eligible for Fall Classic or the West Chicago fall meet so long as they have concluded their high school season.  High school boys are eligible for fall meets until high school tryouts begin, and then are again eligible in late January or early February once their high school season ends. 


            As a USA Swimming Club, Fox aims to provide a fun, competitive and safe environment for all of our swimmers, swim families, coaches and spectators.  Fox follows the USA Swimming Codes of Conduct and Safe Sport program, including the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy.  For more information, please visit usaswimming.org and the Fox website.


            One major component to a successful season is clear communication with our families.  We want to get the season off on the right foot so please mark your calendars! 


Monday, September 9th at 7pm

            There have been many on-going changes and we ask that all parents attend, even if you are a seasoned team family.  This will be a great time to ask questions and seek clarification of issues, as well as help guide our new swim families.  With a team as large as Fox, it is impossible for the coaches, administrators and Board to individually address all issues, so please plan to attend and help us create a strong communication channel for the 2019-20 season!   


            The success of Fox depends not only upon the swimmers, but also on the parents.  Our main fundraisers are our hosted meets (held at Neuqua Valley High School).  This season we host three meets:

  • First Splash – October 12-13, 2019
  • Fall Classic –  November 8-10, 2019
  • Winter Classic – February 14-16, 2020
  • Regional Meet – February 28-March 1, 2020

Parents will be required to work home and some away meets for which their child(ren) are entered.  For home meets, the number of sessions a family will be required to work is dependent upon the number of swimmers registered and will be announced once registration for the meet closes.  Registration for worker positions will be handled online.  Families who do not register for a job, but are required to work, will be assigned a job.  It is the family’s responsibility to double-check work commitments to see if they are assigned a position.

Regional Meet 2020:  Fox will host the 2020 Regional Meet at Metea High School February 28-March 1.  This is a significant meet for our team to host.  All Age Group and Senior Parents will be required to volunteer at this meet, regardless of whether your child is swimming in the meet.  Those who have a child swimming in the meet will be required to volunteer every session your child swims.  (Team Development parents are not anticipated to volunteer at this time).  All work commitment guidelines apply to the Regional meet.  More information on Regional commitments will be forthcoming later in the season.  

There are times when FOX is required to supply timers for away meets..  This is a required commitment and part of our team’s obligation to attend meets. Host meet directors inform us a few days before a meet if we are to supply timers.  We will first ask for volunteers and attempt to create shifts for shortened timing commitments so families can volunteer when convenient for them.  Please sign up.  However, if those positions are not filled, timers will be assigned based upon whether your child is registered for the meet/session.  It is the timer’s responsibility to find a replacement if he/she is unable to fulfill the commitment.  The missed worker fee applies to away meets, as well.

If a family misses its assigned work time for either home or away meets, the family’s account will be assessed a $100 charge for each session missed.

Families may wish to find a substitute for their work commitment.  Substitutes must be over 14 years old and be appropriate for the position.  (Example:  please do not sign up to be head timer and then have a substitute who has never timed).  Families are responsible for their substitutes.  If a substitute does not show for a job assignment, the $100 fee missed assignment will apply.


            Each swimmer will receive three team shirts and a team latex swim cap.  The shirts will be worn to all meets.

            Swimmers must also have the following apparel:

  • Black Fox team suit
  • Yellow Fox swim cap

TYR is our official sponsor and offers Fox backpacks, parkas, warm ups, additional caps, and other items for our team.All official team apparel is for purchase at Swimmers Edge, 7532 Janes Avenue in Woodridge.

We also have an apparel committee that supplies Fox spirit wear for the whole family.Please see the Fox website for additional spirit wear information.

Apparel & Picture Night:     Wednesday, October 9th at Neuqua

Representatives from Swimmers Edge will be on hand for suit fitting, purchase and ordering.Swimmers may try on team suits and pick up other gear, including goggles and bags.Furthermore, spirit wear samples will be available.Team pictures will also be taken at Apparel Night.Additional information will be announced closer to the date.


For additional questions regarding registration, payment and other administrative details, please contact Sonia Hertogs, Team Administrator, at foxswim204@gmail.com.             


July 8, 2019

Registration opens for Returning Fox members.

July 15, 2019

Registration opens for New Swimmers.

July 23, 2019


Swimmer Evaluations (for those needing an evaluation) at NVHS. 

October 1, 2019

Second registration payment due.

September 9, 2019 at 7pm

Parent Meeting at NVHS

October 9, 2019

Apparel/Picture Night at NVHS

October 12-13, 2019

First meet!   First Splash (Fox hosted)

October 17, 2019

The BASH!  (Team party for 12&U) at NVHS Freshman Building