Indiana Swimming

Who Are We?


Greater Evansville Swimming, Inc. 
A 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

Welcome to the Greater Evansville Aquatic Team (GREAT). We are a USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming affiliated year-round competitive swim club. Along with being members of USA Swimming and Indiana Swimming, we are also a part of the Southern Indiana Swim Conference, which is made up of other affiliated swim clubs in Southern Indiana. We are located in Evansville, IN and are dedicated to serving the greater Evansville area.

We offer high quality professional coaching, training, and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. All of our coaches, as members of USA Swimming, have access to the most comprehensive resources for youth coaches of any sport in the United States. This provides assurance that the time children spend swimming with GREAT will be quality time. We provide every member an opportunity to improve and achieve success at his or her level of ability, from beginner to the national level. At the heart of our mission is developing our youth into young men and women ready to succeed in life, both professionally and personally. It is our belief that there is no better sport than swimming to teach valuable life lessons, and to help kids grow into exemplary adults and role models. We believe that the efforts of our swimmers, coaches, parents, and community help create a rewarding club and meaningful experience for everyone involved. 


Mission Statement:

Fostering success in the pool and in our community by providing a safe environment and positive atmosphere that allows our athletes to reach their full potential.


Vision Statement:

Establish a rewarding swimming program that aims to inspire our athletes to achieve and will encourage them to excel, in all aspects of their lives. Through swimming we hope to create a lasting impact that will empower our athletes to be outstanding athletes and role models.


Core Values:

Attitude – We teach our swimmers that attitude is everything. Attitude shapes one’s outlook and approach to what they are trying to accomplish, and staying positive and determined are necessary to achieving success.

Effort – We teach our swimmers that with committed effort one can accomplish anything. Achievement is not an accident but the result of continuous and relentless effort, and maintaining a strong work ethic is vital to success.  

Integrity – We work with our swimmers on staying true to who they are, and treating others with the honesty and kindness that they would want to be treated with as well. We believe that displaying good character and principles are the cornerstones to success.

Resilience – We work with our swimmers on managing adversity and persevering through challenging circumstances. We believe that much can be learned from failure, and that it only makes one stronger and is a stepping stone to success.

Success – Success cannot be attained without developing a plan and setting goals. We expect our swimmers to strive for success in all aspects of what they do, and be willing to take the appropriate steps to reach their goals.

Team – Unity and teamwork are important to both team and individual success. We expect our swimmers to support one another and work together to uphold the standards and expectations that the coaches and administrators set for the team.