Indiana Swimming

Swimmer-Parent-Coach Dynamic


The Swimmer-Parent-Coach dynamic is paramount to a swimmer’s success. If all three are not on the same page and working together based off of the swimmer’s best interests, it can often be a horrible and devastating experience for the swimmer. 


Swimmer’s Role: 
  • Attend practice
  • Give their best at all times
  • Set realistic, yet challenging goals
  • Have fun


Parent’s Role:
  • Have your athlete(s) at practices and meets on time
  • Promote good eating and sleeping habits 
  • Support your athlete(s) through positive reinforcement and enthusiasm
  • Supply the encouragement and love necessary to give your athlete(s) confidence


Coach’s Role:
  • Instruct and teach athletes on proper technique and training
  • Hold athletes accountable for their effort, behavior, and attendance
  • Motivate the athlete to perform
  • Provide constructive feedback on the athlete’s performance