Indiana Swimming

Parent Involvement

Parent involvement is the lifeline of a successful swim club. In order for our team to operate effectively and efficiently it takes a team effort. The biggest way for parents to help is at team hosted meets. Upon joining the competitive team, all families are required to fulfill session requirements at team hosted meets each season. Hosting a swim meet requires a large amount of help across various responsibilities, and there are several positions to help with. 


Meet Positions:

Session Requirements:

  • Vary per season, between 2-5 sessions, depending upon the amount of meets that we host. Sessions typically range anywhere from 2-4 hours long.


Penalties & Fees:

  • Families who have not met their session requirement by the end of the season will be penalized with a $75 fee per session not worked. 



Trained Meet Positions:

Another way to help out at meets is through trained positions. If you are interested in helping out at meets in a trained position there are two ways, as a USA Swimming Official or as a Timing System Operator. As it states, these positions are ones that need additional training to do. The process of becoming a certified official involves becoming a non-athlete member of USA Swimming, attending a clinic, online training, and completing an apprenticeship over several meets. Becoming a timing system operator only requires being trained on it by one of our staff members. Because of the additional training, we have incentives in place for these positions. 

Trained Meet Position Incentives:

  • Reimbursement of all costs associated with becoming an official, and we will provide your official’s polo. Timing System training has no costs associated. 

  • By working a minimum of 2 sessions per meet, we will reimburse meet fees for one swimmer. If you have multiple swimmers, additional meet fees will be reimbursed for every additional 2 sessions worked per meet. 

  • Free entry, deck access and hospitality at meets are also perks. 



Other Ways to Help:

Other ways to help the team apart from meets is by being a parent liaison or becoming a member of one of our three committees. 


Parent Liaisons:

Parent liaisons are responsible for reaching out to new families as they join and helping to answer questions or offer support. New families will be assigned to liaisons as they join. 



Our three standing committees are in place to ensure that important areas of the club are being observed by a dedicated group of individuals. While not always the case, our committee chairs are typically current board members. We understand that everyone’s time is limited, therefore being a member of these committees is not a large time commitment. 



If you are interested in helping out, please reach out to our Board of Directors.