Indiana Swimming

Tech Suit Policy

This policy was set forth because we believe that tech suits have a limited place in Age Group swimming, and play a small role in a swimmer’s success at a meet. Work ethic, technique, and attendance all play a far larger role in meet success. In addition, this policy is also in place for the following reasons:
  • We do not want our swimmers to place their confidence in a suit. They should be confident in themselves that they will perform well, regardless of their suit, and not feel as though they can only swim fast in a tech suit. 
  • These suits should be saved for important meets. Tech suits should be worn at championship meets, or other non-championship meets where a swimmer is trying to achieve a specific time standard. 
  • We want to remove added pressure that comes along with these suits. Some swimmers may feel as though they need to be wearing one, solely because they see another swimmer wearing one. 
  • These suits are expensive, and not buying them or wearing them excessively will save parents money. 
  1. No swimmer ages 12 and under is permitted to wear a non-approved tech-suit at any competition. This is a USA Swimming rule. 12 and under swimmers are permitted to wear FINA approved tech-suits under the guidelines below.
  2. Swimmers ages 13 and over may wear a tech suit at the following meets:
    • Divisionals and any higher championship meets. 
    • A designated mid-season meet chosen by the coaching staff. 
    • Other non-championship meets, on a case-by-case basis, for swimmers trying to achieve a specific time standard. In this instance, the swimmer is required to communicate with their coach prior to the meet to discuss the reasons for wearing a tech suit. 
  3. All decisions made by the coaching staff are final. All decisions will be made on an individual basis. No two swimmers or situations are alike and they will not be treated as though they are, regardless of any similarities they may have. 
  4. Violation of this policy may result in scratching of any remaining events of the meet. Violations may also require a meeting of the parent(s) and swimmer before entry into any subsequent meets. 
What is determined a Tech Suit:

A Tech Suit is one that has the following components: 

  1. Any suit with any bonded or taped seams regardless of its fabric or silhouette
  2. Any suit with woven fabric extending past the hips.
Woven Fabric – A suit with woven fabric and sewn seams that does not extend below the hips is permitted.
Knit Fabric – A suit with knit fabric and sewn seams not extending below the knees is permitted.
List of FINA approved tech-suits for 12 & under swimmers, as of August 25th, 2020: