Swimmers may join the Gators Swim Team during open registration.  If you would like to join mid-season, please speak to one of the coaches at the Greenwood High School natatorium during any practice time.

To make the most of your time on the team, coaches requests swimmers be consistent in attendance starting with the first practice at the beginning of the season if that’s possible.  Most technical instruction will occur during practice in the first few weeks of the swim season!

Gators divides team swimmers into four graduated, integrated training/practice groups.  Groups range in ability from novice to elite.  Each swimmer is placed in a group by a Gators coach based on his or her current swimming ability and age.  Within each group, coaches focus on helping swimmers achieve skill-appropriate goals so each swimmer is able to grow and progress at an individual pace.

Team Fees

Team fees are due by first day of each month during the swim season.  They are set by the club's Board of Directors at the beginning of each season.  Fees vary based swim group and are payable by credit card.  Automatic credit card billing and multiple-swimmer discounts are available. 

Please note:  The monthly payment plan is an option to pay for your season fees.  A number of circumstances may cause occasional cancellation of practices, including:  weather, scheduling conflicts, chemical imbalances, etc.  We will make our best effort to reschedule canceled practice time, but this is not guaranteed and credits will not be provided for practices that can not be rescheduled.

USA Swimming

Each Gators team swimmer must be a member of USA Swimming.  This requires an annual or seasonal registration with USA Swimming.  Swimmers who do not have current USA Swimming memberships complete USA Swimming registrations at the time they register to swim with Gators.  USA Swimming provides accident insurance for each member while he or she participates in Gators practices and swim meets. Each member also receives a membership card that lists his or her athlete tracking number which can be used on the USA Swimming website to track the swimmers race times and see his or her national rankings. Membership in USA Swimming automatically provides the swimmer with membership in Indiana Swimming, Inc., which is Indiana’s chapter of USA Swimming.