Greenwood Gators: Teach – Develop - Succeed


Mission, Vision and Team Philosophy

Mission Statement: Provide a Dynamic, Safe and Instructional Environment where every student-athlete is encouraged to fulfill their greatest potential.

Vision Statement: The Gators are a competitive swim program dedicated to:

  • Teaching and developing the skills of swimming
  • Creating a fun and instructional environment allowing for success at all levels
  • Promoting an environment where each individual is valued and feels his/her role are a vital part of the success of our club
  • Developing life skills and personal characteristics for success out of the pool and in future endeavors
  • Establishing an environment where success is attainable and celebrated

Team Philosophy:

Teamwork:  The Greenwood Gators operate under the philosophy that Together Everyone Achieves More.  The Gators believe that our current (and future) success in achieving the team’s goals is dependent upon the cooperation and support of all swimmers, coaches, board members and their families.   

Coaching:  The Gators are led by an experienced, knowledgeable and professional staff which strives to educate and inspire the Gator swimmers.  The coaches refine strokes, develop training cycles and motivate swimmers for continued swimming success as they progress through the USA Swimming age groups.  The coaches engage in goal setting, nutritional conversations and proper dry-land training techniques.  We embrace and promote USA Swimming’s Safe Sport Initiatives.  The coaches keep the experience enjoyable through swimmer recognition, fun pool activities and social interaction.

The Swimmer:  The Gator swimmers are all unique individuals with different backgrounds, needs, and goals.  The Gators develop positive self-esteem, individual goal setting and healthy social interaction.  The Gator swimmers represent GRE through year-round participation, where, through enthusiasm and team work, everyone can achieve greater success.  GRE believes that all members, swimmers, coaches and parents unite to promote team spirit for a greater Gator Nation.