Registration for the 2020-2021 Season is OPEN!

Greenwood Gators

Greenwood Gator registration for the 2020-2021 season is OPEN! 


We are pleased to offer multiple registration options this year!

Please go to and use the TEAM REGISTRATION link on the homepage to get started. 

ANNUAL registration option for the athletes that participate year-round.  You will see this payment option listed as "ANNUAL FLAT" (if you want to pay for the entire year) or "ANNUAL MONTHLY" (for monthly withdrawal).  Please note - this is the most cost effective program.  *if there are any mandatory decrees from the state or school that affect practice time due to COVID, all Gator fees will be adjusted or suspended accordingly.

HS Swimmers - there are 2 options:

ANNUAL HS registration is the option for HS Swimmers that also participate year round.  Please choose "ANNUAL HS FLAT" or "ANNUAL HS MONTHLY".

HS registration  is offered for HS Swimmers that would like to get a head start on their season by practicing with the Gators prior to HS Season as well as have the option to compete in club championship meets.  This option will be billed monthly for 3 months - September (registration), October, and February  Please choose "High School Flat Fee" or "High School Monthly" (If this athlete would like to continue with the club after spring championships, the athlete would need to register for the next season).  The USA swimming fee will be applied during registration and is a one time fee.

FALL SEASON Only registration option is available if you would prefer to commit your athlete for only 1 season at at time.  (This option is NOT for HS swimmers)  Please choose "Short Course Monthly" option.

There are only 3 registration group options this year: Senior Black, Junior Black, and Developmental Black.  Please register your athlete for the same "group" (Senior, Junior, or Developmental) that they were previously in, unless you have received an email stating otherwise.  Any questions - please reach out to the coaches directly.

Attached are 3 documents:

1. Practice schedule for all groups

2. Gator Bubble Best Practices

3. Gator pre-participation form 2020THIS MUST BE PRINTED AND SIGNED BY THE ATHLETE AND PARENTS AND RETURNED TO COACHES ASAP - ALL SENIOR AND JUNIOR swimmers should have this completed and turned in by Thursday, September 10th.  All DEVELOPMENTAL swimmers should bring this form to the first practice on Monday, September 14th.