HSC Swimmers Ranked by Illinois Swimming

Sue Gould

Illinois Swimming just released their list of top 10 long course swimmers for 2019 by age and event.  HSC is well represented, as you can see in the long list below!


The link to all the records can be found here: https://www.teamunify.com/SubTabGeneric.jsp?team=ilslsc&_stabid_=193855


Congratulations to our amazing swimmers!


Siena Allegra (9 mentions)

Gianna Cappello (7 mentions)

Paige Malinowski (2 mentions)

Lauren Lin

Olivia Suliga

Carrie Kramer

Angelina Cakuls

Callahan Dunn (6 mentions, 3 as an Unattached Athlete, including 1 first place)

Elissa Haake (4 mentions)

Mia Savicevic


Blake Abbott (7 mentions, including 1 first place)

Jonathan Hurley (3 mentions)

Xavier Sohovich (9 mentions, including 1 first place)

Henry Guo (9 mentions, including 1 first place)

Eric Wang (2 mentions)

Nick Maiers (2 mentions)

Nate Harris (3 mentions)

Andrew Gilbert

Erkan Ozgen

Derek Song (2 mentions)

Nick Tommasone (4 mentions)

Jack Thorell (2 mentions)

Jay Jensen (4 mentions)

Trystan Lundgren (2 mentions)