Additional Dryland Resources

In addition to SwimStrong, there are a variety of other Dryland Resources out there.  Probably the best thing you can do is RUN!!  Although running is hard and swimmers hate running, it is really good for you and can help you keep in shape until we are back in the water.  Another great app is the Peloton app.  You can get a 90 day free trial and they have a variety of different types of workouts including yoga.  The point is DO SOMETHING!!

For all HSC Swimmers, but maybe most applicable to the HSC Lodge Swimmers, are the simple body weight stretches and exercises that HSC Parent Kamila Rylander put together.  Find that guidance here.

Dryland workout for 9-12 Year Old Swimmers from the Fitter and Faster Tour.  This workout applies to a lot of the Lodge and Platinum Swimmers if they are not quite ready for SwimStrong or Milo Drylands.  Ask the Coaches if you need a recommendation of what Dryland to follow.

RESISTANCE BAND TRAINING can be a very useful training tool for swimmers, both for maintaining shoulder health and for strengthening swimming muscles.  This is also something that can be done at home.  The attached document (Resistance Band Training and More - HSC CatchTheGrind) has links to articles/videos that cover a wide range of activities that can be done with Resistance Bands.

This video was created by HSC's Callahan Dunn showing some swimming related exercise work with RESISTANCE BANDS.

Here are a couple more great RESISTANCE BAND training videos that are SWIMMING SPECIFIC Click here #1 and here #2.

If you are looking to PURCHASE RESISTANCE BANDS, here are some suggestions:

SPRI Xertube

StretchCordz with Paddles

Serious Steel Fitness

YOGA is also very good for swimmers for maintaining/increasing flexibility, core strengthening, and relaxation.  The best swimmers are STRONG AND FLEXIBLE.  The following video has beginner Yoga for Swimmers.  This is a YOGA mobility workout video focusing on the Quadriceps.

This is a YOGA Webcast from the Fitter and Faster Tour with Olympian Emily Silver is very comprehensive.

4/16/2020 Update:  These videos are the Yoga for Swimmers Part 2 and Part 3 (Upcoming 4/22) from the Fitter and Faster Tour!


Last but not least.  DO YOU WANT TO WORKOUT WITH CAELEB DRESSEL or JACOB PEBLEY?  Caeleb has be posting some ab workouts that he is creatively calling the CORENTINE SERIES.  Jacob has done a pull-up challenge and provided a different good ab workout than Caeleb.  Try some of these at home:

Caeleb Dressel CORETINE Workout #1

Caeleb Dressel CORETINE Workout #2

Caeleb Dressel - Box Jump Split Squats

Jacob Pebley - Pull Up Challenge (added 4/23/20)

Jacob Pebley - Core Workout (added 4/23/20)

Shoulder Health is VERY Important in swimming.  This is a very good VIDEO REGARDING SHOULDER MOBILITY, STRETCHING, ROLLING that you ALL should review!!!!