The GREAT Milo Swain Dryland

HSC's own Milo Swain is also providing Dryland activities during the COVID-19 borentine for the Senior Level athletes.  So far Milo has provided 3 Instragram Live (@milo_performance) Drylands, which are posted via Link below (go to full-screen mode):

Milo Instagram Live - Dryland # 1 -

Milo Instagram Live - Dryland # 2 -

Milo Instagram Live - Dryland # 3 -

Milo ZOOM Dryland - Elite - 4/17/20 - Click Here

Milo Instagram Live - Dryland # 4 -  (added 4/23/20)

HSC Swimmers doing the Milo Swain Dryland MUST complete the attached Dryland Waiver and return to the HSC Coaching Staff or Board.

In the upcoming weeks, Milo will be running drylands for the HSC Senior level athletes on ZOOM.

The Senior 1 Elite Group will have drylands with Milo on Mondays at 6 pm and Fridays at 4 pm.

The Senior 1 Select/Advanced and Senior 2 Groups will have dryland with Milo on Wednesdays at 6 pm.

The suggested equipment for these workouts includes (if you don't have it, order or improvise).  These are just suggestions - don't have to by these specific brands:  Milo Suggested Dryland Equipment

Senior 1 Elite Dryland ZOOM Link (Mondays at 6 pm, Fridays at 4 pm):

Meeting ID: 497 074 062
Password: 962583

Senior 1 Select/Advanced, Senior 2 Dryland ZOOM Link (Wednesdays at 6 pm):

Meeting ID: 468 744 305
Password: 103390