LYONS vs HSC - Duel Out of the Pool

Virtual Goose ChaseTM Scavenger Hunt


5/19/2020 Update:

The Scavenger Hunt was so FUN!! Some great photos and videos. Check out this VIDEO of HSC in action! If you want to find your photos and videos, click HERE. These Collages show just some of the photos of the good time!

Friday, May 15th @ 12:00 -12:40 pm 

Wild "GooseChase" App


This Friday, May 15 we will be doing a live Scavenger Hunt with Lyons Swim Club. BEFORE FRIDAY AT NOON your athlete will need:

  1. An additional device with a camera (ex. Cell phone, ipad) with the app GooseChase downloaded.
  2. Your athlete will search for the game and then type in the password.

    a. Game Code: xxxxxx (see below) OR Search for a game: Duel out of the Pool: Lyons vs Hinsdale (HSC) - __ year olds
    b. Password: Swimming 2020​​

  3. Your athlete will type in their name or Team name. Note that there is a limit of 40 people per game (first come, first served) for each of the Missions below. Siblings can play together on one device as a team under any age level to make sure we can get more people involved. If you didn't end up getting a spot in the Mission for your age, there is an "Auxiliary" one that anyone can jump on.
  4. Your athlete should get on the following HSC ZOOM Call at 12:00 pm Friday to make sure they are ready to play:

    HSC will host a ZOOM call for those with technical difficulties:

    ZOOM Meeting ID: 884 5172 8671
    b. Password: 378701
  5. We will begin playing when we start the timer and your child will have 30 minutes (from 12:10 to 12:40) to complete as many missions and score as many points as they can for HSC and themselves! They can pick any of the missions, different ones are worth different points depending on difficulty. The contestants WILL NOT know the missions before they start, but this is part of the FUN!!
  6. When the time is up, they will get back on our ZOOM session and we will celebrate our adventure!


4 Missions Run Simultaneously (Game Codes for each below):

10 & Unders      CODE: GZEEBW

11 yr olds          CODE: 3KPP43

12 yr olds          CODE: 8ZWWG7

Auxiliary Game    CODE: M4PP67