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About Us     

About Us

Irish Aquatics is a year-round USA Swimming member team providing competitive swimming opportunities for swimmers, both novice and experieced, aged 4 to 18 in the Michiana area, as well as learn-to-swim lessons. Our swimmers hail from South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Bremen, New Carlisle, Elkhart, Niles, Buchanan, and Edwardsburg among other cities. We encourage our swimmers to strive for excellence every day, both in and out of the pool. Our program is focused on teaching proper stroke techniques to give the swimmers a strong base to build from as they strive to improved as an athlete and a competitor. 
Mission Statement: 

Using the sport of swimming to cultivate passion, individuality, and excellence in each swimmer as a way to reach goals in the pool and in life.  

Vision Statement:
Swim: At Irish Aquatics, our team of swimmers, coaches and families truly embraces a love of all things swimming. Our coaching staff is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the sport and developing each swimmer throughout his or her career. Every member is valued and supported at every level and every member makes a difference. We strive to create a safe and positive learning environment in the pool where swimmers become dedicated, independent and goal oriented individuals who come together for the common interests of the team.

Fight: As a team, we fight to challenge ourselves in the pool and to do our best every time. As individuals, we fight for our beliefs and for others in our community. We encourage and motivate our swimmers are proud of their accomplishments, both in and out of the pool- our classroom for teaching the skills required for swimming and life. 

Win: We understand that winning is much more than coming in first place, and we are committed to helping each individual grow in skill, character and physical development. We believe that our swimmers should celebrate every win, whether learning a new stroke or qualifying for a championship meet. As a team, we celebrate our milestones and support each other in all ways possible to achieve those "wins." Our top priority is to make each swimmer a champion in all endeavors. Across all groups, we strive to instill confidence, knowledge and strength in our members so that these pillars of character can be carried throughout life. 

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Swim Team Membership

Membership on the swim team requires payment of monthly training fees, a USA Swimming membership, a Fundraising Fee, and a parent volunteer requirement

All of our registration is done through our web registration system. Registration for the 2020-2021 season is open and will remain open for new registrations throughout the year.

Helpful Hints:
  • If you are registering multiple swimmers, please be sure to register them all at the same time. The multiple swimmer discount will not automatically apply if the swimmers are not registered together and the "per family" fees will be charged each time you check out. If you did not register all of your swimmers at the same time, please contact Coach Matt so the charges can be corrected.
    • ​Please note, the multi-swimmer discount is temporarily suspended until the Club has a stronger standing financially.  Once this discount is reinstated, impacted members' accounts will be automatically updated.
  • If you are wish to complete the 2 week trialdo not go through the online registration until the trial is completed and/or your swimmer decides to continue with the program. We will not charge you until after the trial. Please contact Coach Matt to set up a trial.
  • ​You will be able to make payments directly through the registration system via credit card or ACH. This will immediately be reflected on your account, which you can access by logging into the website with your username and password. Credit card transactions will be charged a 2.9% transaction fee and ACH transactions will be charged a $1.25 processing fee.
  • If you have an outstanding balance, you will be required to pay this as well when you checkout. Any credit on your account will be applied to what you owe for registration.  

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Training Fees

The monthly training fees vary by group. The fees are billed every month the swimmer is active except the months of March and August (unless the swimmer joins in that month). 
2021-2022 Season
Monthly Payments
Billed September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, and July
8&U $50
9-10 $60
11-14:1 Group $90
11-14:2 Group $120
Senior* $145
* The Senior group registration for swimmers competing with their High School team will be the $145 billed over 3 months. After the short course season, the billing will be $120 per month for April through July. Swimmers not swimming with their High School team will be charged the $120 per month on the same schedule as the Shamrock groups.

Dues  will be charged monthly in the first of each billing month. The first's month's dues, the USA Swimming Membership, and the per family team fees will be paid at registration checkout. 

The 2022 USA Swimming membership covers from June 1, 2021 - December 31, 2022.

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USA Swimming Membership Options

A USA Swimming Membership is required for all registered members of Irish Aquatics. There are 3 options for membership as outlined below. The membership fee at any level is charged with registration, regardless of when any previous membership may expire.

Premium: The Premium Membership, previously termed the full-year membership, allows swimmers to participate fully in all practices and competitions offered by Irish Aquatics for the duration of the membership. This option is intended for swimmers who wish to compete in more than 2 sanctioned meets in the 12 months of the membership or plan to compete in the IN Swimming Divisional Meet, State Championships, Zones Championships, Sectional championship or national level meets. $83 for 2021-2022

Flex: The Flex Membership allows swimmers to participate fully in Irish Aquatics practices and participate in up to two sub-championship level meets for the duration of the membership (IN Swimming Divisional Meet, State Championships, Zone Championships, Sectional Championships and National level meets require the Premium Membership). This option is intended for those new to the sport, giving a more financially friendly option for those families as the swimmer(s) become acquainted with competitive swimming. At any point, the Flex Membership can be upgraded to the Premium Membership for $63. $20 for 2021-2022

Outreach: Any swimmer who is on a free or reduced lunch program or has Hoosier Healthwise insurance is eligible for a reduced rate on the full year membership. Documentation will need to be provided for this option. Please contact Coach Matt for more information or to register for this option. $5 for 2021-2022

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Discounts and Fees


Multi-swimmer discount: The first swimmer is charged full price, and each additional swimmer receives a $40 discount at registration (please be sure to register all swimmers in the same transaction if possible so that the registration system applies the discount).  
Please note, the multi-swimmer discount is temporarily suspended until the Club has a stronger standing financially.  Once this discount is reinstated, impacted members' accounts will be automatically updated.
Season Family Cap: Dues are capped at $1,500 per family per season. The system cannot automatically apply this, but we will manually apply credits to your account if your family reaches this threshold. 
Alumni: IA alumni who are home for the summer and wish to train with IA will receive a discount on the Gold dues based on the number of years he/she was continually registered with IA. The swimmer will receive 10% off the total dues for each consecutive year he/she was registered with the club, up to a maximum of 80%. The swimmer must have participated through his/her high school graduation to be eligible for the discount.
Please note, the Alumni discount is temporarily suspended as pool rental fees have increased due to facilities not opening during the Covid-19 pandemic. When we are able to return to our normal locations, the Alumni rate will be reinstated.


Fundraising Fee: $100 per family for short course, charged at registration. Families will have the ability to earn back this fee by selling raffle tickets to the end of the season raffle. Each family will receive 10 tickets for the short course raffle. The choice is up to the family whether to sell them or enter them into the raffle for themselves.
Credit Card Processing Fee: 2.9% of each credit card transaction (the same fee the bank charges the Club).  
Meet Fees: Most meets have a per-event charge (usually $4-$5 for most of our meets) and all meets have a $2 per athlete IN Swimming surcharge. IA also charges a $2 per swimmer surcharge to help offset the cost of relays throughout the season, which are always paid by the club. The meet fees will be billed to your account once the entries are sent to the host club. Meet fees must be paid to IA once the entries have been sent into the meet host, even if the swimmer is not able to attend.
Late Fees: Invoiced balances not paid by 11:59 PM on the second to last day of the month will be assessed a $10 late fee. It is the individual family's responsibility to check their account balance before the last day of the month to be sure that all invoiced balances are paid. Autopay is available via ACH or credit card, which will run on the 1st of each month and will include automatic payment of monthly recurring charges and and non-recurring charges in the billing period.

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  Volunteer Requirement 

IA hosts 3 large invitationals and a few smaller time trials or invitationals each year. The revenue from these meets sustains a large percentage of our operating budget. There is a requirement of all registered families to participate in some volunteer role for each meet, even if your swimmer is not competing in that meet. Please see below for the required number of volunteer jobs each family is responsible to fill at each of the large invitationals. Volunteer signups are available online through the  Events  page. Information on meets hosted by Irish Aquatics can be found here.
Tim Welsh Invitational: The Tim Welsh Invitational is a prelim/final short course yards meet hosted the first weekend in January (January 9-10, 2021 for this season). Families are asked to volunteer in sessions their swimmers are participating. Due to Covid-19, the number of volunteers is limited to reduce the total number of individuals in the facility.
May Invitational:   The May Invitational is a timed final long course meter meet hosted at Elkhart Health and Aquatics May 14-16, 2021. Families will be asked to volunteer during the sessions their swimmers are participating. Due to Covid-19, the number of volunteers is limited to reduce the total number ofindividuals in the facility.
Summer Spectacular:   The Summer Spectacular is a timed final long course meter meet hosted at Elkhart Health and Aquatics July 9-11, 2021. Families will be asked to volunteer during the sessions their swimmers are participating. Due to Covid-19, the number of volunteers is limited to reduce the total number ofindividuals in the facility.


Irish Aquatics maintains high standards for all of its coaches and instructors. Our goals is to provide the best coaching and teaching in the area. We recruit highly qualified coaches and encourage continued professional and personal developement for all staff members.

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Parent Advisory Board and Board of Directors

Irish Aquatics is a 501(c)3 non profit corporation and is run by its elected Board of Directors (BOD) and Parent Advisory Board (PAB). The PAB meets each month, generally on the second Monday at Rolfs Aquatic Center. All members are welcome at each meeting and encouraged to be involved in team activities and fundraisers. 

Matt Dorsch, Head Coach
Sean Lake, President
Wynne Trowbridge, Treasurer
Melissa Farmer, Secretary
Kelly Ball, Board Member
​Steve Barnes, Board Member
Jessica Browning, Board Member
Lisa Lewis, Board Member
Lisa Heintzberger, Board Member
Alison Sierra, Board Member
Kathryn Scarlett, Board Member
Jennifer Weeks, Board Member
Training Groups

Our swim team program is broken down into 5 training groups. The groupings are based on age and also on ability or performance. The groups are as followed: 8&U, 9-10, 11:14:1, 11-14:2 and Senior. More information about each group will be posted below soon. 

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Learn to Swim Lessons

We are proud to offer a learn-to-swim program for the Michiana community. We utilize 2 hotel pools to teach the lessons: the Hampton Inn at Heritage Square and the Hilton Garden Inn at Saint Mary's College. Our usage of these facilities is at typically low usage times by hotel guests. For more information on swim lessons, please visit the Learn-to-Swim page on this site.