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Becoming a USA Swim official is one of the most satisfying and rewarding jobs a parent could do, it's the best seat in the house.  CIA takes pride that they have always had plenty of officials over the past several years.  We often help out other teams during the dual meet season who are lacking officials of their own.  That being said, we are currently short on officials and we need you!

Without officials, the meets cannot happen which is why parent/guardian volunteers are essential.

How to become an official:

1. Attend a clinic - Certified clinic instructors host online clinics.  List of dates found HERE.

2. Fill out the Apprentice FormFilling out the linked form allows you to apprentice with a free 60 day USAS membership.

3. Open a free account - Go to USAswimming.org and generate Stroke & Turn/Timer test. Complete it with no less than a score of 80%. It's
recommended to complete this test prior to the clinic or shortly after.  (It's an open book test)

4. Apprentice on deck- Sign up in 1 hour prior to the start of session. Attend the briefing, bring your apprentice form, and be assigned with a
certified official mentor!

5. Complete your USAS Membership - Within 60 days of your first session on deck, fill out your membership and submit a Level 2 background check. Complete the free athlete protection training seminar online.

6. Learn about OTS - The Officials Tracking System shows you your complete history, accomplishments, and contributions to the athletes of Iowa
Swimming (& beyond!) It serves as a record if you take your volunteer expenses off on your taxes


2021 USA Swimming Rulebook

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