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Permissions and Acknowledgments

- CIA Written Acknowledgment of CIA MAAPP Policy

Written Permission for Mental Health Care Provider to Interact 1-on-1

Written Permission for Interaction with Licensed Massage Therapist

- CIA Lodging Permission



CIA Permission for Local Transportation

- Annual Consent for Transportation by CIA

Annual consent for transportation by adult participant

Written Permission For An Unrelated Applicable Adult To Provide Local Transportation To Minor Athlete


USA Swimming and Team Information

CIA Code of Conduct- Athletes

- CIA Code of Conduct- Parents

CIA Code of Conduct- Coaches

- CIA Photography Policy

- 2022 USA Swimming Registration

- CIA Handbook

- CIA Anti-Bully Policy

- CIA Electronic Communication Policy

- CIA Discipline Policy

CIA Club By-Laws 



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Iowa Swimming (LSC)

United States Masters Swimming (Org.)

American Swimming Coaches Association (Coaches' Education/Certification)

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SwimmingWorld (News)


Articles for Parents 

Practice & Lifestyle

Nutrition Information from the U.S. Olympic Committee

Pre- and Post- Workout Meals

Optimal Nutrition Overview and How to Fuel for Open Water Races

How to Help Athletes Maintain a Positive Body Image After Sport



Staying in a "Good Nervous" Mindset Before a Race

Make Your Goals Your Own!


Team Culture

Why the Goal Shouldn't be to Always Be Happy- Regulating Emotions

5 Things for Parents to Avoid When Helping to Cultivate Grit

Carmel Swim Club- Doing It "For the Team"


Masters Swimming Articles

How to Prepare for an Open Water Race

Why Triathlets Should Try Different Strokes