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At CIA we work to develop well-rounded swimmers who can swim a variety of strokes, distances and events.  We have a multi-level program, providing a challenging, yet success oriented, competitive environment for swimmer of all ages and abilities.  
CIA's top coaching staff not only puts an emphasis on optimal performances during swim meets where it counts the most, but also emphasize:
  • Sportsmanlike behavior - We expect swimmers to behave like champions, whether they swim well or poorly.  We expect swimmers to show respect for officials, congratulate out competitors, encourage our teammates, and display mature attitudes.  These behaviors are praised and rewarded but CIA coaches.

  • Personal improvement over the season - Winning ribbons, medals, or trophies is not the main goal.  Individual improvement and growth is our primary objective.

  • Swimmer feedback - The coach’s job is to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance.  The parent/guardian’s responsibility is to provide the love and encouragement that bolsters their athlete's confidence along the way.

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