Coaching Staff

Jason Kemp

Hello from the Board,

There is no doubt the past 18 months during the pandemic has been one of the most difficult times that we have ever gone through. The Board is very proud of you – swimmers, parents, and coaching staff – for what you were able to accomplish despite the constant uncertainty and challenging circumstances that COVID threw at us. 

We are very thankful to have two caring coaches like Andy Pym and Thad Gunther, who are both dedicated to the sport of swimming and who want what is best for our swimmers and the overall club.  We have navigated some unique challenges through COVID with the added challenge of searching for an additional full-time coach.  Coach Andy carried a large load during that time.  After we finished up the long course season, it was clear Coach Thad has some great communication and organizational concepts that everyone on the board and coaching staff agreed could be implemented.

At the request of Coach Andy, effective October 1st 2021, Coach Andy moved from the Head Coach to Lead Senior Coach.  Coach Thad moved from Lead Age Group Coach to Head Coach.  Prior to approving these changes, the Board exercised careful thought and much consideration.  It received feedback from many swimmers and their parents, it held meetings and listened to input from all board members, and it gathered opinions and insight from the coaching staff.   Upon completion of this due diligence, the Board approved the changes unanimously as we feel these adjustments are intended to best position the team going forward.  Essentially, Thad and Andy have “flip-flopped” roles, but they have remained as the primary coach for their existing respective practice groups.  We have much confidence in both Andy and Thad in these new roles and are excited for the short course season and the accomplishments of our swimmers and our club.

Statement from Coach Andy: “I love CIA and I will always do what I feel is best for the swimmers.  I know my strengths as a coach, and I also know Thad's. This switching of roles will only make a great team better.”

Statement from Coach Thad: “I have respectfully accepted the endorsement that Coach Andy has made to move me to Head Coach at CIA.  I thank the Board for believing in me and thinking that this is the right direction for the club.  I look forward to building on the great tradition at CIA with Andy.”  



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the coaching staff or Board Members.




Central Iowa Aquatics is a USA SafeSport recognized club.

Please consider taking the time to complete USA Swimming safe sport online training. There is information for everyone!