Team Membership Fees

CIA dues must be paid prior to participation in CIA activities. Any swimmer that participates in a meet or practices in August or March will be charged half month dues for that month. The required payment method is website autopay (credit card or bank draft).  Auto pay is required for all families. On the 1st of each month, you will receive an electronic invoice with dues for the upcoming month plus any unpaid fees.  Payment is considered late after the 20th of the following month. Swimmers without a paid USA Swimming registration are prohibited from entering the water for insurance purposes. 

Credit Card Processing Fee - All accounts that have their billing set to charge to a credit card will be charged a 30-cent transaction fee and a 2.95% processing fee at billing time on the 1st of the month or if an On-Demand payment is processed during the month. There will not be a fee charged for using ACH.

Family Discount - Families with three or more swimmers receive a discount on their swimmer dues. The registration fee for the third swimmer and additional swimmers beyond three is reduced by 50%. This reduction applies to the swimmer(s) with the least expensive dues.

Financial Assistance - CIA tries to assist families with financial needs.  However, limited funds are available. For additional details, please contact either the club registrar ([email protected]), or the CIA board president.

Central Iowa Aquatics Registration Policy

Central Iowa Aquatics offers a comprehensive training program for all swimmers from those just out of swimming lessons through high school and college swimmers. Training groups are available that fit the needs and abilities of each swimmer.

Annual registration is required for each swimmer in our program. Annual registration begins in mid to late August before the start of the Short Course Season. Swimmers may join the team at any time during the season.

Registering for the team is a commitment to pay dues for the duration of the season for all swimmers except those in the Intro group and the Masters group when it is offered. By continuing to swim with the team during the long course season (beginning late March/early April), you are agreeing to pay dues for the entire long course season.

High school swimmers will have their dues adjusted during the short course season based on their high school season.

CIA offers two seasons:

  • Short Course Yards (SCY) Season – this season runs from late-August to mid-March for the Senior and White groups and September through February for the Blue and Intro groups.

  • Long Course Meters (LCM) Season – this season runs from late-March to early-August for the Senior and White groups and April through July for the Blue and Intro groups.

At the time of registration, credit card payment of three charges is required for each swimmer:

  • USA Registration – All swimmers in our program are required to be USA Swimming members. USA Registration is paid annually at the time of registration. The fee for USA registration is currently $74.

  • CIA Seasonal Fee – This $75 fee is assessed twice per year. It will be charged at registration for the Short Course Season and again in April for the Long Course Season.

  • First Month of Swimmer Dues – This amount varies based on the swim group and day of the month the swimmer joins. Swimmers are assigned to a swim group by the head coach or the head age group coach.

The USA Registration fee and CIA Seasonal fee are non-refundable. Refunds of swimmer dues are only offered if the Extended Leave Policy applies.


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