Short Course 2020/2021 (Fall/Winter)

Open for Returning Members

8/26/20 - 2/15/21

Open for New Members

8/26/20 - 2/15/21


Welcome to the Central Iowa Aquatics Electronic Registration platform!

We offer electronic payment processing and registration for new and returning members.

*Please note: Completion of registration is a commitment to the team to swim/pay for a complete season for all swimmers except those in the Intro group and the Masters group when it is offered. By continuing to swim with the team during the long course season (beginning late March/early April), you are agreeing to pay dues for the entire long course season. 

Although the process is simple, please click on "Joining CIA" and subtabs (Seasons, Swim Groups, Pool Locations, and Fees - see button above) if you need to review that information before you begin. 

Important: except for Intro & Masters swimmers, all CIA families are required to provide service hours to the club (12 hours during Short Course (Fall/Winter) season and 8 hours during Long Course (Spring/Summer) season, with fines assessed for non-compliance) as described in the CIA Handbook. The required number of service hours for a family with only a swimmer(s) participating in their high school swim program during the Short Course season are reduced to 8 hours.

Please take the time to read the CIA Handbook on the team website under the "About" button.


Instructions for Online Registration
When you see the "Please reconfirm your Billing Account " screen, you can add additional emails (maximum 3 per account). You also need to enter or review all information on the "Billing Information" tab (please list both parents under "person who is responsible to pay the bill")   AND  the "Guardians" tab (list  BOTH  parents and all of their work/mobile phone numbers including area codes).
When athletes new to CIA see "Register this Member to this Group," they should select the swim group they want to enter. New swimmers are those who have NEVER trained with CIA. A transfer swimmer is a swimmer that has previously been a member of a USA Swimming registered club. Swimmers will be charged one month of dues. Swimmers will also be charged for USA registration and the season's registration fee.  The last step of the registration process is payment by credit card. The fees are calculated automatically. After completion of the registration process and upon team admin approval, you will be granted access to your own private account for the team. This account lets you update contact information, sign up for swim meets and volunteer jobs to fulfill your service hours, track your swimmer's times, and much more.
For registration questions, please contact Andrea Stone/Ellen Elmore, CIA Registrar, at .
To begin the registration process, click below on "Continue or Check Status"