Central Iowa Aquatics

Age Group 4

Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Practice Objectives: This group is the first step in the Age Group progression. It is for swimmers who know all four strokes but are new to competitive swimming. Swimmers in this group are required to attend local meets.  This group is intended to develop an enthusiasm for swimming!

  • Eligibility requirements:
    • Ability to swim all 4 competitive strokes
  • About the group:
    • Emphasis on stroke & skill development, along with instruction of competitive swimming rules. Kicking, breathing patterns and starts introduced.
    • 5x 1-hour workouts per week, may include dryland
    • Major Goals: Legal 100 IM. Basic use of pace clock: 5-sec. intervals, etc. Develop legal turns in all strokes
    • Swimmers must adhere to the designated meets prescribed by the Coaching staff and follow the plan targeting success for the swimmer and the team
    • Attend meets.
  • Advancement:  
    • In addition to the coach's discretion, swimmers may advance based upon the completion of the CIA Introduction Set, as well as participate in at least 1 sanctioned swim meet.  

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Equipment Required: 

  • CIA team cap at practices and meets
  • Well-fitting suit (such as jammers for boys and 1-piece for girls)
  • Team logo suit for meets
  • Goggles (2 pairs)
  • One white and one blue CIA logo shirt to be worn at meets
  • Snorkels
  • Fins
  • Equipment Bag
  • Swim Bag
  • Water bottle

All equipment and suits can be purchased at  from Elsmore Swim Shop.


CIA Into Dues: $140.00/month
USA Swimming Membership: $78/year
CIA Registration Fee: $75 / year

Volunteer hours Required: 12 hours per family, 8 hours if the family only a high school swimmer per season.
Family Discount: Families with three or more swimmers receive a discount on their swimmer dues. The registration fee for the third swimmer and additional swimmers beyond three is reduced by 50%. This reduction applies to the swimmer(s) with the least expensive dues.