Central Iowa Aquatics

Senior 2

Practice Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Practice Objectives: The Senior 2 Group is designed for swimmers committed to train for Sectional and National competition. Swimmers must be in at least 8th grade to participate.

  • Eligibility requirements:
    • Swimmers must have the ability to train in all four competitive strokes.
    • The Senior 2 group swimmers must display a positive and respectful attitude, be accountable, and be committed to the process. They must be a true teammate and care about not only their own individual success, but their teammates’ as well. The group dynamic and team culture are dependent on the expectation that each swimmer brings something important for the betterment of the group and the team. 
  • About the group:
    • Swimmers are offered 7 workouts per week and the opportunity to pursue and achieve goals on the local levels. The student-athlete in this group can balance commitments in other sports or activities. The attendance policy is consistent with what’s needed to achieve their full potential. Swimmers must adhere to the designated meets prescribed by the Coaching staff and follow the plan targeting success for the swimmer and the team.
    • Additional activities include drylands, swimmer/coach conferences, meetings, team activities, etc. Appreciate the value of long-term commitment, setting/achieving goals and support in making choices consistent with stated goals.
    • Major Goals: High School State, Silver State, and ISI State meets
    • Workouts: 5,000-7,000 SCM/workout, up to 12+ hrs pool time/week plus dryland. The summer schedule offers additional opportunities and water time.   

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Equipment Required:

  • CIA team cap at practices and meets
  • Well-fitting suit (such as jammers for boys and 1-piece for girls)
  • Team logo suit for meets
  • Goggles
  • One white and one blue CIA logo shirt to be worn at meets
  • Snorkels
  • Fins
  • Buoy
  • Paddles
  • Drag Suits
  • Water bottle
  • Swim Coat
  • Swim Bag
  • Equipment Bag

All equipment and suits can be purchased at  from Elsmore Swim Shop.

CIA Into Dues: $200.00/month
USA Swimming Membership: $78/year
CIA Registration Fee: $75 / year