Ribbon Sorter

Attach labels to ribbons, sorts and files ribbons by swimmer, work with the team statistician to prepare and manage meet entries, ribbons and ribbon labels. Sorts ribbons each week for distribution at practice the following week.

Card Sorter

*Not recommended for first time volunteers. Sorts lane cards from each event and works with Stats volunteer.

Lane Timer

Uses stop watch and records times for swimmers.

Head Timer

Supervises the timers. Provides timer backup with two stop watches.

Lane Runner

Help distribute and collect lane cards from timers. Deliver lane cards to head table.  This volunteer must be able bodied to quickly get the cards to the head table.  

Ready Bench

Check-in swimmers at ready bench. Distribute lane cards to swimmers and line up swimmers by lane assignment. Needs to be patient and good with children.

Meet Set Up

Set up head table, ready bench, EZ-ups, snack bar and pool deck  . Must be able to lift 100 pounds

Meet Tear Down

Break-down and clean up head table, ready bench, EZ-ups snack bar and pool deck. Must be able to lift 100 pounds.

Meet Security

Maintains order in the swimming venue. Keep swimmer only areas clear.


Fills in where needed at the meet. Requires flexibility. Check in with team representative.

Stats Assistant

*Not recommended for first time volunteers. Enters race results, creates ribbon labels, and works with Head Table volunteers.


Empty all full trash cans during the meet from the pool deck, snack bar, restrooms and park. Make sure restrooms are stocked.

Snack Bar

Take customer orders and serve food.

Snack Bar Prep

Prep some food the night before and early morning food prep prior to the meet.



Volunteer Coordinator

Responsible for the sign up and management of Parent Volunteers. Ensures that all volunteer positions are filled for each swim meet. Communicates directly with parent volunteers regarding duties and assignments. Keeps the board informed of parents who do not fulfill their volunteer responsibilities. Oversees volunteer check-in at each meet.

Team Registrar

Oversees team registration, roster and swimmer eligibility requirements. Communicates with parents and team regarding registration.

Lead Statistician

Responsible for entering and maintaining team stats and records. Prepares and submits ISL reports after each meet. Works directly with coaches to create meet entries. Works with team ribbon sorter.

Set Up/Clean Up Coordinator

Responsible for directing and assisting the volunteers with set up and tear down at all  home meets.

Snack Bar Coordinator

Responsible for planning, purchasing and over-seeing the operation of team snack bar at all home meets.

Apparel Coordinator

Works with team president, or designee, to plan, order and distribute all team apparel and spirit wear. 

Sponsorship Coordinator

Responsible for developing a marketing plan which outlines sponsorship and fundraising activities. Supervises the person responsible to solicit sponsorships (ie. Head coach, parent volunteer). Pursues procurement of monetary or in-kind goods donations for the team.

Meet Announcer

*Not recommended for first time volunteers. Announces meet events over the PA System, coordinates with the meet official to keep things running smoothly. Must be easily understood and comfortable with public speaking. Familiarity with the flow of a swim meet is recommended

Trophy Coordinator

Plans, prepares, orders and distributes team end-of-season trophies, ribbons and awards.


Volunteer Official

In the event the meet official isn’t able to continue officiating the meet, the volunteer official will take over.


Maintains team website, updates on a weekly, or as-needed, basis during the season.

Team Photographer

Responsible for taking, posting and maintaining team pictures at meets and team social events.  Works with Social Media person. Prepares team slide show/video for end of season banquet 

Team Picture Coordinator

Responsible for soliciting a team photographer for the individual and team photo shoot. Works with coaches to schedule the day, time and location of the shoot. Manages distribution of order forms to parents, payments and distribution of finished photos. 

Champs Representative

Responsible for representing the team at all ISL meetings related to the Championship meet. Informs the board of team campsite location, Champs details and team assignment. 

Team Publicity Editor/Social Media

Writes a team performance wrap-up after each meet for publication in a weekly team email and the ISL Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and other accounts.  

Social Director

Oversees the planning and operation of team social activities. Recruits and coordinates parents in running the events which may include Season Kick-Off, Team Beach Day, Pasta Dinner, Age Group Parties and Awards Banquet.

Plans, coordinates and runs team swim-a-thon event. Pursues the procurement of either monetary or in-kind goods donations to the team for use as prizes

Snack Bar Purchaser

Works with Snack Bar Lead to manage inventory and purchase items for home meets. Coordinates and distributes items for snack bar prep prior to meet 


Ready Bench Coordinator

*Ready Bench experience required. Oversee Ready Bench Volunteers, check-in swimmers at ready bench, distribute lane cards to swimmers, line-up swimmers by lane assignment.



The President presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and of the CPSST, and calls such meetings. The President shall see that the Bylaws and other rules and regulations are diligently enforced, and shall supervise generally the affairs of the CPSST. The President shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of President. The President shall serve on the Board of Directors as Chairman.

Past President

It shall be the duty of the Past President to observe the management and operation of the team, so that they will have a greater understanding of how to manage the team as President the following season.  The Past President shall serve on the team’s Board of Directors. The Past President shall perform all the duties of the President if a vacancy of the President occurs during a term of office.


It shall be the duty of the Vice-President to be responsible for the administrative operations of all CPSST Swim Meets in accordance with the CPSST Policies and Procedure, and all ISL rules and regulations.


The Treasurer shall receive, collect, and deposit all monies received by the HPSST. The Treasurer shall keep the usual book of accounts and all such records and books as directed by the ISL and CPSST Board of Directors. The Director shall report on income, disbursements, and liabilities. The Treasurer shall be bonded at the expense of the CPSST if requested by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall serve as an appointed member of the Board of Directors


The Secretary shall keep an accounting of the minutes of each Board of Directors’ meeting and shall assist the President in administrative matters including compliance with CPSST Bylaws. The Secretary shall serve as an appointed member of the Board of Directors.