COLLEGE PARK SPLASH SWIM TEAM (CPSST) is a 100% VOLUNTEER organization. It takes parental support to operate the team and conduct successful swim meets. Parent participation in the CPSST’s meets and activities is a condition of membership.

A mandatory Volunteer Deposit in the amount of $100 is required from all families at the time of registration. The Volunteer Deposit check will be held by the Team Treasurer and returned to you at the end of the season as long as you have fulfilled all of your Volunteer Jobs.

Each family is required to have an adult sign up for 5 Volunteer Jobs* PLUS 1 Champs Job (any Volunteer Job with the word “Champs” in it is considered a Champs Job).

Each family is required to sign up for the Time Trials/Practice Meet* This does not count as one of your 5 Volunteer Jobs.  

The Job Board will open after Team Registration is completed. You will receive Job Board instructions via email. Although Team Registration will be officially completed, your swimmer(s) registration will not be considered complete and will not be able to participate in Swim Team activities until you have signed up for five Volunteer Jobs, one champs job . If you fail to report for and work your Volunteer Job, or properly secure a substitute, report your absence, and make up your missed job, you will forfeit the Volunteer Deposit and your check will be cashed immediately. Any subsequent Volunteer Job missed will be cause for your swimmer to be suspended from the team. Of course, we recognize that plans change. If you cannot work a Volunteer Job that you signed up for, it is your responsibility to find a substitute, and report your absence to the Volunteer Coordinator immediately. Your substitute will be credited your assigned Volunteer Job and you will be required to take a new Volunteer Job. Finding a substitute does not excuse you from a Volunteer Job.  

COLLEGE PARK SPLASH SWIM TEAM (CPSST) would like to see ALL families receive their $100 Volunteer Deposit checks at the end of the season! In order to have a successful Swim Team and Swim Season, every family must commit to their Volunteer Jobs or they may be suspended from the team. Please don’t let this happen! You may protest to the Judicial Committee. All protests must be filed in writing with the Team President no later than the Friday following the Saturday of the missed Volunteer Job. The Judicial Committee will review all protests and a ruling will be made within 48 hours. Notice of the ruling will be made either via email or by phone.

Families that do not fulfill their Volunteer Job requirements as explained above during a season, may be excluded from team registration the following season.



I have carefully read, and understand, the Parent-Volunteer Enforcement Policy.

By checking the box below, I have acknowledged and agreed that my family will be subject to the above policy.

Registration is NOT complete without 5 Volunteer Jobs plus 1 champs job secured.

* *This requirement is the same for ALL families, including large job holder and members of the board

Word doc of the Volunteer Policy