Last updated: 12/18/18

Who are The Ripples?

The ISL Fun Race swim squad is an opportunity to introduce our little-little swimmers to swim team in a friendly and supportive environment.The swim squad is not a part of the ISL swim teams but they are under the overall ISL umbrella for insurance coverage at meets only. The local ISL team is responsible for registering all Fun Race swimmers and their race escorts (see below) with the ISL prior to the first meet the group participates in. The Northpark Swim Team (NPST) will register as many or as few Fun Race swimmers as feasible for that team to manage as determined by the current NPST Board. The name of the Fun Race swim squad for Northpark is The Ripples.

Who can participate?

Children who are age 4 and will be turning 5 after June 1st of the current swim season.

How do we register for the Ripples?

As with registering siblings on the NPST, existing swim team families re-registering for the current season shall have priority in registering children for The Ripples.  Families on the NPST waitlist and other interested Northpark residents may join the Ripples up to the maximum number of Ripples, as determined by the NPST Board at that time.

Each Ripple must have at least one parent/legal guardian registered with the ISL and function as that child’s race escort (see below) in the water at all meets.

You do not need to register online in order to complete the registration process. Please simply get your completed forms to the Registration Coordinator. Please provide the following to the Registration Coordinator as soon as possible in order to pre-register your Ripple:

See Age and Residency Verification for acceptable documents.

What is the registration fee and what is it for?

There is no registration fee for the swimmer or for the race escort. 

Does this improve my family’s chances of getting on the NPST in the following season?

Swimming on the Ripples squad does not impact a child or family’s chances of joining the NPST in the following season.  Existing and new NPST families will continue to follow the registration and waitlist procedures as outlined on the NPST website for each season.

What activities do Ripples participate in?

The main activity of the Ripples is to participate in a fun swim race during the half-time portion of the 2 NPST home meets. The Ripples do NOT participate in the daily practices with our swim team coaches. According to the ISL rules, Fun Race swim squads are not allowed to conduct activities outside of participating in their ISL races. This includes holding separate practices or participating in NPST practices. Ripples and their families may participate in NPST family social activities provided that they are accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.  FYI – Since these social activities are not ISL sanctioned events none of the swimmers or race escorts are covered by insurance while attending those events.

What is a race escort?

For every fun race that a Ripple participates in, they must have an ISL registered water escort with them.  This is usually one of their parents.  The water escort is the person who the child jumps to in the lane and physically assists the child safely across the pool.  If a parent cannot get in the water to be an escort for their child then one of the NPST coaches or an NPST swimmer over the age of 15 may be a substitute escort.  Substitute escorts must be arranged prior to the meets.

What happens at the home meets?

Prior to the last race of the first half being posted, approximately race #38, the Ripples and their escorts will be called to the ready bench area.  Each child will be assigned a lane.  Some kids may share lanes, with a child beginning on each side of the diving block.  The kids will be announced by lane and the escorts will enter the water.  When the race is started the kids jump (not off of the blocks) to their escort and make their way to the other end.  These are not timed races.  As all the racers finish there are big cheers and lots of encouragement from the crowd!  There are no ribbons given for these races but the kids will be recognized and given a medal at the Awards Night for the NPST in August.

What are the important Ripple dates to know?

Dates for the 2 home meets and other NPST social activities can be found under the Calendar section of the website.  Ripples can participate in a Ripples swim squad picture and have individual pictures taken on picture day.  Ripples will also be recognized in August at the Awards Night celebration which is at the end of the NPST season.

What equipment does my Ripple need?

Purchase of an NPST suit or swim cap is not required but available for purchase if they want one.  A suit that your child is comfortable in is fine to wear.  Only one piece suits for the girls.  Goggles are also optional at this level.

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