Required Flash Apparel/Equipment: Flash Swim Suit (exception for SCS approved tech suits), Flash Cap, Kickboard, Fins

Orders for our regular Flash apparel (swimsuits, swim caps, hats, flannel pants, parkas, etc.) will be due May 3, 2019 - NO EXCEPTIONS! We will hold a sales and sizing session at the Kick-Off Picnic on April 28th. Don't forget to bring your checkbooks!

If you cannot make it, you can use the three order forms from CAS and Caplee and Manhattan Stitching to submit your orders. For Caplee orders you can make checks out directly to Caplee. For CAS orders please make checks out to Northwood Pointe Flash. If you are unsure of sizes and unable to attend the sales session at the picnic, you can go directly to Competitive Aquatics Supply (CAS) on Barranca to try on apparel. Please refer to the emails and Order Forms sent out on April 25th regarding apparel to get the address where you can drop off order forms up until May 3rd. (It is different from the Registrar's address.)

At CAS ( you can also purchase kickboards and fins if you don't already have them - for new families, this is required equipment for practices.

All swimmers are required to wear Flash caps (boys too)! All swimmers must also wear Flash swimsuits with the exception of those swimmers who would like to wear tech suits (competition cut only, no knee-skin - follow SCS guidelines).

​Additional apparel offered this year include the following SPIRIT WEAR items: tees, womens' cut tanks, baseball caps and visors.

Anytime you make a purchase at CAS, ask for the ISL Discount.

Important Notes: 

  1. All orders must be submitted and received by May 3rd. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. Once you have placed your order, there are no refunds or exchanges. No exceptions so please choose your sizing carefully.

Please feel free to email us with any questions. We look forward to seeing you at the Kick-off Picnic! 

Kellie Binder ([email protected]) & Elaine Haselhuhn ([email protected])