To help with managing the swim season, we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience:

If I live at Shadow Oaks, Spectrum, Orange Tree (or otherwise outside of Oak Creek) may I register for the Oak Creek Swim Team?

Per our contract with the HOA, only residents of Oak Creek Village Maintenance Association may be registered on the OCST.  Unfortunately, this does not include the above residential areas. 

Where is practice held?

Practice is generally held at the Royal Oak Pool, Irvine, CA 92618.  If there are any changes to our practice location, we will post changes on our website home page.

When are daily practice times?

Practices are held Monday- Friday.  They run in 4 sessions between 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm ranging from 45 minutes for younger swimmers to an hour for older swimmers.  The sessions are based on age.  Specific session times will be distributed to families after registrations are complete.  Practice session times are also posted on the “practice schedule” section of this site.

Practice times are posted in the "Practice Schedule" section of this site.  If there are any changes to our practice location, we will post changes on our website home page.

May I change practices sessions?

Generally, changes will not be made.  Sessions need to be balanced and are based on the age group requirements/abilities.  

How many practices does my swimmer need to attend? 

Swimmers need to attend 60% of practices.  Some swimmers swim 2-3 times per week (Average 3 days a week during the season).  Some swim daily and have a vacation during the season. 

How many meets does my swimmer need to attend? 

Swimmers need to participate in the Practice/Time Trials meet and a minimum 3 of the 5 regular season meets.  Swimmers are encouraged to participate in the Championship meets at end of season.

How often does my family need to volunteer?

Families need to volunteer a minimum of 14 job points during the regular season with working one (1) shift during the Practice Meet.  If your swimmer swims at Champs, families need to volunteer for one job shift of that meet in addition.

What if my kids don't swim well?

While we do not hold evaluations prior to acceptance, swimmers on the swim team must be water-safe.  They must be able to cross one length of a 25 yard pool without assistance.  Our team is not structured to provide water safety lessons.

What does it cost to join your team?

$260 per Swimmer paid to Orcas plus $60 ISL fee.

Each swimmer needs to purchase a team swimsuit.

When is the deadline to join your team?

Registration for returning families will open in March.  Registration for new families will open a week after the returning families' registration.  We will continue to accept registration until our team reaches capacity, but no additional registrations can be accepted after 6/30.

What if our child swims for a club team?

Swimmers on club teams must detach from their club team if they did not swim with the Oak Creek Orcas during the 2018 season. The only exception is if your child is 8 years old or under.

In which division will my child swim?

The age at which your child is on June 1st is the age group with which your child will swim.  For example, if your child turns 7 on June 28th, your child will still swim in the 5/6 year old division because s/he was 6 at the June 1st cut off date.

How long does the season last?

The season lasts 10 weeks and starts in early June and runs through mid August with the Irvine Swim League Championships (also known as "Champs").  We also have an End Of Season Awards Banquet after Champs. See calendar for specifics. 

What if my child does not wear the team swimsuit or cap at the meet?

Our team swimsuits, caps and t-shirts are part of our team uniform.  We require all swimmers to wear their uniform to represent the Orcas Swim Team.  If swimmers are not wearing the uniform, the coaches may not allow the swimmer to participate in a meet.

What if I want additional one-on-one instruction for my swimmer?

Additional swim lessons are not required as part of the Oak Creek Swim Team.  If you would like additional instruction; many of the team coaches offer private lessons outside of the swim sessions.  Our coaches are listed with our HOA as being allowed and insured to give swim lessons at our 3 Oak Creek pools.  It is not recommended that you use Swim Coaches not listed with our HOA in our private community pools.  Contact the coaches directly for more information.

May I leave my swimmer/siblings at the pool during sessions?

Per HOA rules, parents/guardians must accompany children under 14 to and from the pool.  Once a swimmer’s session has begun, s/he is under care of their coaches.  However, parents may not leave their swimmers unattended outside of his/her swim session.  Parents may never leave their other children unattended by a specific adult at any time, per HOA rules.  Coaches must focus on swimmers in the water and are not responsible for children outside of their sessions. This includes children playing in the open lanes/baby pool and spa of Royal Oak.

What are the Irvine Swim League (ISL) Championships?

22 Irvine teams belong to the Irvine Swim League.  The Oak Creek Orcas, being a member, swim against 5 or more other teams during the regular season.  At the end of the season all 22 teams participate in the Championships at Woollett Aquatic Center.  Teams earn rankings based on earning points for top times in each event.

Eligibility: To be able to swim in a championship meet, a swimmer must be a league member in good standing and have participated in at least 3 dual or tri-meets AND four events cumulatively during the current season (excluding any “pentathlon” or other non-regular season meets). The Championship Meet is a time qualifying meet with the added provision that any swimmer who did not otherwise qualify may be entered in up to one individual event and up to 2 relays by his or her coach. 

Where can I learn more about ISL and other member teams?

Where may I find qualifying times for the ISL Championships?

Qualifying times are listed in our Handbook, on the blue Orcas board on pool deck and on the ISL site here: under “Championships” and “Qualifying Times”.

*Note most FAQs may be answered by reviewing our Handbook located under “Forms”.