There is one practice meet, 5 regular season ISL meets and one Pentathlon Meet and one ISL Championship meet. Meets are held Saturday mornings from 8:00 AM to roughly 1:00 PM. See the events calendar for specific times and dates.

Per ISL rules, to be eligible to swim in the Championship Meet a swimmer must have participated in at least two dual or tri-meets (practice meet and Pentathalon excluded) AND four events cumulatively during the current season.

Important notes about Swim Meets

  • For each swimmer you need to declare whether they are going to attend the meet by Wednesday night before the meet. You can do this either through the Events page or the OnDeck app. It is critical that the coaches know who is going to attend the meet in order to assign events and relays and for the meet to run smoothly.
  • The baby pool is reserved for non-swim team residents during meets, and is closed to all Northstars swimmers during meets.
  • Please help keep our pool and facilities clean. The Park Paseo HOA allows us to use the pool and facilities for practices and meets, and can revoke our right to use the pool or charge penalties if we do not adhere to their policies.
  • If a swimmer is placed in a relay, do not leave the meet before the event. Relay events take a lot of coordination and have a big impact on meet performance.

A swim meet consists of 68 events. Events are grouped by stroke and are repeated through all age groups, starting with 5-6 Girls and ending with 15-18 Boys.

  1. Medley Relay
  2. Butterfly
  3. Backstroke
  4. Individual Medley
  5. Breaststroke
  6. Freestyle
  7. Free Relay 

Typical Meet Schedule

7:45 AM

Swimmers check in. Volunteers sign in.

7:50-8:45 AM

Swimmers warm-up

8:45 AM

First shift workers go to assigned positions

9:00 AM

Meet begins

10:45 AM

Break – second half workers go to assigned positions

11:00 AM

Second half begins

1:00 PM

Meet ends; Clean-Up (home meets)

What to Bring: Swimmers must wear the team swim suit and cap (girls only) but should also consider the following for a great swim performance:

  • Team Suit
  • Swim cap 
  • Swim goggles
  • Towels (extra towels are a good idea because kids get in and out of the pool multiple times)
  • Sunscreen
  • Northstars t-shirt
  • Sweatshirt for chilly mornings post warm-up
  • Cash for breakfast and lunch at the snack bar
  • Parents wear a team t-shirt or t-shirt of matching color

Be sure to label your belongings. Other items to consider are hats, pop-up tents, and games for kids to play between their swim events.

Transportation: Parents are responsible for getting their swimmer(s) to & from the meet. Carpools can be arranged by parents if needed.

Warm-Ups: In swimming, as in any strenuous sport, it is important to stretch and warm up before competing. Plan to arrive at meets at 7:45 AM sharp so your swimmer can check- in and have an adequate warm-up.

Seating: You may wish to bring your own chair or blanket to the meet, as seating is limited at most pools. You will generally find that the Northstar parents will gather in one area, so look for them when you arrive. Swimmers should sit together with their teammates to make it easier to find them for their events.

Events: Parents should help swimmers watch for their event at the ready bench and make sure they report when called. A large placard with rotating numbers will be on the deck. The number displayed on the placard refers to the race that is being gathered at the Ready Bench. Once you bring your child to the Ready Bench, you can leave that area and get ready to watch the event.

Some new swimmers may be tentative before their race, and may not want to race or even go to the Ready Bench. This is normal. The coaches may try gentle persuasion, but no swimmer will be forced to do anything against their will. In the event of a reluctant swimmer, just be patient and understanding with your child. A lot of parents have also experienced this with their swimmers.

Food: Park Paseo has the best snack bar in ISL! Everything has been homemade for the past 3 years and not store bought. Enjoy fresh delicious food at the Northstars Snack bar! Start your swimmer off with a good breakfast before a meet. During the meet, the swimmers should eat lightly. We encourage you to support the snack bars at the meets since the profits go to the host team. No glass is allowed in pool areas. Please keep the pool area clean.

Helping Out: Swim meets can only run smoothly and finish on time if we have your help. Most of the jobs can be learned quickly, even if you are not familiar with competitive swimming. Sometimes the best views and shadiest seats go to those who help with timing or scorekeeping! Helping out is the fastest way to get to know other parents and swimmers. We encourage our parents to talk to each other and parents on the other team to learn from each other to help make the swim meets an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Scoring and Awards: Each swimmer earns points for her team by competing in their event (excluding disqualifications). At the end of the meet, these points are tallied to determine the winner of the meet. Ribbons will be awarded for the first through sixth place at meets. Participation ribbons are given to all swimmers not receiving a top six finish or heat winner ribbon. Swimmers who improve their times or set team / league records also receive special ribbons. At the end of the season, all swimmers in good standing receive a swimmer’s trophy for their team participation. The size of the swimmer’s trophy grows with each year of participation.

Fun Swim: During the meet’s half-time break there will be a “race” for swimmers who are not on the swim team, for example, younger siblings or an adult relay team. Parents and siblings should bring their suits and goggles to the pool for a fun race. The kids love seeing their parents swimming and it's a great opportunity to experience what your child goes through!


End of Season Championship Meet

The Championship Meet is the final season swim meet with participants from all the 20 other Irvine Swim League teams competing by division. It is a great chance to meet other swimming families in Irvine and an opportunity for your young swimmers to compete at the facility that is used for national competitions AND where past Olympians have swum.

Your participation is critical to the success of the Park Paseo Northstars team. Swimmers who achieve qualifying times can swim in up to four events. Swimmers who have not met the qualifying times are still eligible to compete in one event.

Per ISL rules, to be eligible to swim in the Championship Meet a swimmer must have participated in at least two dual or tri-meets (practice meet and Pentathalon excluded) AND four events cumulatively during the current season.

All Champs swimmers can earn the team points for their performance. A team of 100 qualifying and non-qualifying swimmers will outperform a team of 50 qualifying-only swimmers. Enjoy a fun final meet with the team at Champs and give the Northstars an opportunity to finish strong in our division this season.