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“I was tentative about joining the swim team because my husband and I both had full time jobs and had already enrolled our son in other summer activities, but with the help of the team I’m so glad we joined in 2013 after our son turned 5. He had taken a few lessons in prior years, but he learned the most during the swim team because he was surrounded by fun new friends and supportive coaches and other team families. In one season he went from only being able to doggie paddle to being able to swim comfortably across the pool. As parents on the team we also felt our summer was well spent, having met and become good friends with a number of families in the neighborhood. Thank you Northstars for making Park Paseo a great place to live!”

– A Northstars parent since 2013

“Our family has been on the Northstars Swim Team for ten years and we couldn’t be happier with the friendships and memories we’ve made through the team.  Many of our closest neighborhood friends were first introduced to us via the Northstars.  It seems like yesterday that our kids were first learning to swim and couldn’t even make it across the length of the pool and now our oldest is swimming and playing water polo at Northwood High School and volunteering as a youth coach for the Northstars.  I can’t think of a better way to spend summer days than poolside with friends new and old with the Northstars.”

– The Miller Family, Northstars parent since 2004

“Hi my name is Garrett Jacoby. My wife Stacy and I have lived in Park Paseo for 16 years. We have two kids, Nicole 14 and Jake 11. They have both been on the swim team since they were 5. We joined the swim team initially because our neighbor told us its a great way to meet other neighbors and for our kids to make new friends and learn how to swim better. We are going on our tenth year and look forward to each season and have definitely made great friendships because of the Northstars.”

– Garrett, Northstars parent since 2004

“My two daughters have been swimming with the Northstars Swim Team for three years. When they started swimming, my 6 yr old daughter did not have the endurance to swim the length of the pool. She would need to grab the lane line to catch her breath. After a couple of weeks, just like all of the other beginning swimmers, she was able to swim the length of the pool. My daughter was also terrified to dive off of the blocks. The Northstars coaches earned her trust with their patience and support, and she finally gained the confidence to dive off of the blocks. Now she loves to swim and dive, not only during swim meets, but also when she is playing at the pool with her friends. The Park Paseo Pool is a great place for kids to find their friends during the summer.”

– Sherry, Northstars parent since 2011

“Our son swam on the Park Paseo Northstars Swim Team last year and had a blast with a few of his classmates and friends. We have found it to be a really fun experience for us to meet other classmates and friends in the area.  It has also been great running into friends from other local teams and cheering them on too!”

– a Northstars parent since 2012

“Our son joined the Park Paseo swim team just as he was finishing Kindergarten at age 6.  We would have joined one year earlier, however, we were under the impression that he needed to know how to swim.  At the time he started, he was water safe, meaning, he knew how to get back to the wall 2 feet away in the event he accidentally fell into the pool.  The first day of practice was a challenge for him for 2 reasons.  Since he learned what to do in case of an unintentional mishap such as falling in fully clothed, he never used a kick board or goggles before.  So maneuvering a kick board and dealing with goggles that left spots in his line of vision were a huge change for him, not to mention taking on the task of having to swim the length of the pool with 4 variations of arm, body, leg, and breathing movements as well as diving from the block! However, being with his friends and with the support of awesome coaches, he went from coach assisted swims the first couple of meets to swimming 16 laps of backstroke all on his own one month later!  He wishes the diving blocks could be left up all the time. More importantly,  he gained confidence in a fun environment and learned that the ultimate competition is going against yourself and beating your own time.  We encourage every family to give swim team a try.  You won’t be disappointed with how organized and efficiently managed Northstars Swim Team is!”

– Jane and Luis, Northstars parents since 2013

“I’m really happy that we joined Northstars. My wife and I both swam when we were younger so we wanted to get our son started doing a sport that we enjoyed. I really didn’t know what to expect and I was really surprised by the welcoming and supportive families on the team. There really are a lot of fun loving families and kids on the team. The coaches were great and I think that makes all the difference. This team is great for introducing your kids to a team sport, having fun, and learning a very important life skill. I hope to see you and your family on the team!”

– Jerry, Northstars parent since 2013

“We joined the Northstars last summer, in 2013, when our daughter was 5.  She knew how to be safe in the water, but had never learned any strokes before.  All the coaches were super helpful and patient with her and within a few weeks she knew what to do.  The extra activities they hosted on FunFridays for the kids really fostered team spirit.  The Northstars families are all great and it was a fun way to spend our summer.  Our youngest is looking forward to when she is old enough to join the team.”

– Northstars Family since 2013

“I am 100% satisfied with swim team. Last year, they could not swim well before the team, but they improved tremendously after the team practice, all coaches, team mates and management were very nice. We moved here 2 years ago and could meet so many nice people and felt at home because of the swim team. I was so happy we decided to live in Park Paseo and could join last year. I really really appreciate it.”

– Northstars Family

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