Parent Commitment

Volunteering is a requirement in order to participate in the swim practices, dual meets, social events, Championship meet and the end-of-year party.

Each family is required to sign up for and perform 8 volunteer jobs during the season, as determined by the Northstars Board prior to the season start.  

Please refer to these instructions for guidance on how to sign up for jobs online.  Early registrars will be allowed to sign up for 8 jobs immediately once all registration steps have been completed.  More jobs may be required before the season starts as determined by the total number of families swimming.

Volunteer Sign-Up Instructions

Our swim meets and team would not be such a success if it were not for the full participation of our great parents. As one of the most established teams in the Irvine Swim League, we have one of the most organized programs to make volunteering fun and enjoyable for everyone. Please contact [email protected] if you have additional questions.

To encourage fairness and complete participation, a $50 deposit  check is collected from each family at registration. The deposit check will be held during the season as a promise by each family to show up for their designated jobs. If you fail to perform your job at a meet then the deposit will be cashed to cover the cost of hiring a helper and an additional $50 deposit will be requested and held once again.  No swimmers will be allowed to participate in any team practices, events or functions until a new deposit has been received. All checks will be destroyed after the end of the season.

If you cannot work one (or more) of your job commitments, it is your responsibility to find a replacement worker and notify the Volunteer Coordinator ASAP.  A replacement worker may be another family member of legal working age, or a paid teenager per your arrangement and cost. 

Job Sign-ups

A total of ~6-8 jobs will need to be fulfilled by each family over the course of the first practice meet and 5 subsequent dual meets (6 total meets). The number of jobs is determined at the beginning of each season by the number of registered families and required effort to run the season’s swim meets.

Families swimming at Pentathlon or Champs will have additional jobs for each or can sign up to help at the end-of-season party.

Job sign-ups will take place online after registration and prior to the season start.  Job sign-ups will be first-come-first-served.  Please check the Calendar for the date of job sign-ups.

Job Descriptions

The following are a general idea of meet jobs.  For more details, please refer to the Volunteer Sign In Instructions 

Every parent makes a difference in this program. The following roles are available at Jobs Sign-ups:

SCORERS TABLE – Stats Recorder: These positions work the scorers table as stats recorders. Stats recorders log each child’s time, the place they earned, and the points awarded to the team into the team computer. They also record individual heat feedback from the Officials of the meets. 

SCORERS TABLE – Lane Slip Sorters and DQ Writers: Slip sorter sorts lane cards for each heat by time and each event by finish places, notes heat winners, place winners 1st – 6th, participants on each lane card, separate cards by team and deliver for data entry. DQ writers transcribe the DQs from the Officials race cards to the Coaches logbook.

TIMERS: Each lane requires two timers for the home team lane and one timer for the other team. Lane timers use team-provided stopwatches to record swimmers times for each heat. These positions are a great way to get close to the action.  

Back-up Timers are also required which provides a back-up watch in case any timers have trouble with their watches. Looks for a hand up or call to step into lane needing assistance. Starts stopwatch with the gun then looks for any timer who might have missed the start or has problems with a watch. If needed, goes to that lane and completes timing of that swimmer. Two back-up timers positions are required for all home meets.

READY BENCH WORKERS: These positions coordinate the Northstars swimmers, gets them ready for the races, assigns lanes to swimmers, distributes lane cards, remains on the lookout for lost children not ready for their race, and delivers younger swimmers to the proper lanes for the event / heat. 

RUNNERS: Responsible for delivering lane cards to timers, and collecting lane cards from timers after every race for delivery to head table. Because younger swimmers only swim 25-yard events, their lane cards must be delivered to the timers at the other end of the pool before the start of each race. Runners pick up the event lane cards from each swimmer and deliver to the proper lane writer at the other end of the pool.

CONCESSIONS: Assist Concessions Manager with assembling food items, cooking, cashier/sales, and serving food and snacks at home meets.

GRILL MASTER: Responsible for cooking all items on the grill, including breakfast and lunch menu items. 

ANNOUNCER (Head Table): Provides announcements during meet to inform pool deck of the progress of the meet. Announces ready bench event call, current event in the water, team records, and general announcements.

4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION GENERAL HELPERS: Our swim team is responsible for providing programs for the kids and the community during the 4th of July holiday. Besides the event coordinator, we need 6 general volunteers to assist the coordinator to put together, host and clean up the pool area.

Volunteer Positions for Teens

VOLUNTEER SWIM COACHES: The Northstars Swim Team has volunteer opportunities for teen swimmers to help as swim coaches. We are looking for dedicated, reliable, and motivated teen swimmers ages 15 – 18 to help our coaches during practices. Volunteers in this position can earn community service hours reported to their high schools. Volunteer swim coaches are expected to pay the registration fee and their parents will be required to perform volunteer jobs. Being a volunteer swim coach is a great way to serve as a role model for younger swimmers, demonstrate leadership in an organization, and may lead to paid job opportunities in the summers that follow.

Thank you for your help! You are the reason why the Park Paseo Northstars are such a great team.

If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator