Volunteering Requirement 

Our swim meets and team would not be such a success if it were not for the full participation of our great parents. Volunteering is a REQUIREMENT in order to participate in the swim practices, dual meets, social events, Championship meet and the end-of-year party.

To encourage fairness and complete participation, a $50 check deposit will be collected from each family. If you miss a shift, your check will be deposited. Your swimmer will not be allowed to return to practice, meets, or other team events until you have provided another $50 deposit check. The second check will only be deposited if you miss a second shift. Your swimmers will not be registered until this check is received. All checks will be destroyed after the end of the season. 

If you pay your registration fee by credit card, credit card will be on file. In that case, no need to deposit volunteer deposit check. If you miss a shift, a $50 amount will be charged to your credit card.