Residency and age verification documents and requirements
In order to join the team, you will need to submit proof of age and proof of residency in Irvine to the Irvine Swim League (ISL). Once ISL reviews the documents, they will send us approval for your swimmer to join the team.
You can submit photos of the documents taken with your phone or camera, or pdf copies of e-bills from your accounts. Please be sure to submit documents with recent dates that clearly show your name and address.
- No documents are required for swimmers returning from the last season
- For NEW swimmers, please submit proof of age and proof of residency in Irvine for the new swimmer
- Please submit proof of age for the swimmer(s) and proof of residency in Irvine
Click here to see the list of the documents that are acceptable for proof of age and proof of residency in Irvine. These are similar to the documents accepted by the Irvine Unified School District each year.
To upload your documents to the Dolphins DropBox, please click here.  We will send your documents to ISL after we receive them.
Please bundle your documents: Aries Student Profile (ASP), Proof of Age (PoA) and Residency Verification (RV) under format:
Swimmer Last Name_First Name.ASP
Swimmer Last Name_First Name.PoA
Swimmer Last Name_First Name.RV
(For example: If swimmer name is Sara Smith -
Aries Student Profile file would be named Smith_Sara.ASP
Proof of Age file would be named Smith_Sara.PoA
Residency Verification file would be named Smith_Sara.RV)