Coaching Staff
Joel Elber Head Coach/ Lead Spire Coach


Coach Joel is a father of two, Prescott and Greylynn, and married to (ex-swimmer) Becky. Joel Elber grew up Brunswick, OH, just south of Cleveland where he swam (and played baseball and tennis) for Brunswick High School. Joel earned a scholarship to swim at The Ohio State University and was a multiple All-American, and 3 year captain, and graduated with a degree in exercise physiology. After college, Joel swam professionally for a time with Team Elite in Charlotte, NC. Coach Joel is a huge Cleveland sports fan and passionate about anything outdoors.


Coach Joel took over as head coach of LST in the summer of 2018. Joel began coaching during college for Ohio State Swim Club as well as New Albany Country Club. After college, Joel was the lead 11 & 12 coach for SwimMAC north, in Charlotte, NC. After Charlotte, he coached for Southeastern Swim Club in Fishers for a little over 7 years where he was the Head Age Group Coach, Senior Assistant, High School assistant, and Masters Director.

Getting to know Coach Joel

  • Favorite food: Chicken wings (hot!)

  • Favorite book: The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe

  • Favorite quote: “Prepare the athlete for the path, not the path for the athlete”

  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: Geno Auriemma-UConn women’s basketball coach. His perspective on coaching and influencing young adults is second to none and I could learn a lot from him.

  • Why do you love to coach: “I love having a positive impact on the lives of young people”

Matthew Moen Keystone Coach/ Spire Assistant


Coach Matt joins us from The Ohio State University where he swam and coached from 2013-2018. Prior to Ohio State Matt grew up in Southwest Connecticut where along with swimming he was also a runner and played many sports including football, basketball, soccer, and chess. Matt swam for Brookfield High School where he helped to lead the Bobcats to three State Championships and along the way racking up several state titles and records. On the club side of swimming Matt competed for the Wilton Y Wahoos where he served as team captain for two years helping the Wahoos to win four national titles. Back in Connecticut Matt has an older brother with two baby girls of which he is the godfather to one and a younger sister who is a senior in high school and hopefully attending The Ohio State University next year.


Coach Matt has been helping on the pool deck since he was twelve. Growing up his mom was consider to be one of the best developmental coaches in Connecticut and Matt always helped her with her group after his practice concluded. At sixteen Matt began to coach his own group at a country club where he assisted for two years before becoming the head coach for a summer before heading off to Ohio State. While attending Ohio State Matt continued to coach as head coach of Wedgewood Country Club leading the rays to two runner up finishes. After graduating Matt stayed in Ohio to begin his coaching career as a Volunteer Assistant at Ohio State. In this role Matt was mentored by many great coaches including Head Coach Bill Dorenkott and spent majority of his time with the Distance group as the mile is his favorite event to watch and to coach.

Getting to know Matt

  • Favorite food: Mom’s homemade lasagna

  • Favorite book: Man’s Search For Meaning –Victor Frankl

  • Favorite quote: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift”  –Steve Prefontaine

    “Service is the rent you pay for your room on earth” –Muhammad Ali

  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: Julian Edelman wide Receiver for New England Patriots. Julian is 5’ 10” and 198 pounds, what he accomplishes as a Wide Receiver on the football field is astonishing and after hearing him speak several times I love his mentality of grit and hard work.

  • Why do you love to coach: Through swimming a young athlete can begin to create many tools for their work belt. That work belt helps us throughout life and I love helping kids build tools for future success in and out of the pool.

Kris Houchens Spire Assistant


Coach Houchens (pronounced “how”- “chins”) grew up in Lafayette, Indiana and swam her senior year for Lafayette Jefferson High School. Houchens earned athletic and academic scholarships to swim for the University of Indianapolis where she was a 4 year varsity swimmer, school record holder, 3 year captain, Kelso Reid Mental Attitude Award winner (swim) and then graduated with a degree in Visual Communication and Fine Arts. After a brief career in Advertising, Houchens returned to school to get a Masters of Science in Biomechanics from Ball State University, with the intent to change careers and get into coaching. Around this time, she also participated in triathlons, ran some 5K’s and swam with Masters. Coach Houchens is married to Jeremy and is the proud mom of two, Samantha and Anthony. Coach Houchens likes spending time with her family, going to Church, biking, swimming, Pilates, building things with power tools, reading, watching old movies, cheering the Indiana Pacers, and laughing at old SpongeBob SquarePants episodes.


Coach Houchens has been a part of LST since the summer of 2013. Since 2016, Coach Houchens has been the Head Coach of Lawrence Central High School Swimming and Diving program. Houchens joined LST following two years as the head coach for Indy Aquatic Masters (2011-2012), and over 13 years as head coach of the nationally recognized YMCA Indy SwimFit (masters) program (1997-2011). She brings over three years of collegiate coaching experience as an assistant at the Division I level after holding assistant positions at Ball State University (1993-1995), and University of Kansas (1995-1996). Other coaching experience includes head coach of Benton Aquatic Club (1992-93), and head coach for Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (2000-2002). Coach Houchens holds a Level 5 ASCA certification, and has been a speaker at several ASCA World Clinics. Over her coaching career she is best known for her ability to effectively teach stroke technique across all ages and ability levels.

Getting to know Coach Kris

  • Favorite food: Breakfast
  • Favorite book: Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court
  • Favorite quote: “What great thing would you do, if you could not fail?” - Confucius
  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: “If he was still alive it would be Groucho Marx, because I love to laugh and I think he is very funny and clever.”
  • Why do you love to coach: “For world peace…and the children”


Quincy Perry Cornerstone Coach/ Keystone Assistant


Quincy was born and raised right here in Indianapolis, IN and recently moved to McCordsville, IN. He started his career in swimming when he was 6 years old and swam for the Windemere Dolphins in Fishers, IN in 2001. He then picked up swimming again in high school at Lawrence North in 2009 and continued to swim for both the high school and Lawrence Swim Team. While swimming for Lawrence North, he received two most improved awards, set a boys 200 medley relay record and went on to compete at the state championships his senior year. He has also competed in multiple senior state competitions while swimming for Lawrence Swim Team. Quincy currently holds a bachelors of science with a focus in Microbiology from Southern Illinois University- Carbondale.


Quincy began coaching here at Lawrence Swim Team in 2014 with the Bedrock group. Since then he has coached the Foundation group, the Cornerstone group and assisted with the Keystone group. Quincy currently is the lead Cornerstone group coach and brings a unique perspective and energy to the deck having been in the shoes of most of the athletes he coaches.

Getting to know Coach Quincy

  • Favorite food: Coconut Shrimp

  • Favorite book: The Martian

  • Favorite quote: “Champions have to have the skill and the will. But the will has to be bigger than the skill.”- Muhammad Ali

  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: I would want to meet Edward Jenner as he is the father of vaccines

  • Why do you love to coach: “I love to pass on the passion of swimming that I have to the children with high hopes that they will one day become excellent swimmers.“

Jennifer Hill Foundation Coach/ Spire Assistant


Coach Jenn grew up in Columbus, Indiana where she swam on state champion teams for Columbus Donner Swim Club and Columbus East High School, primarily as a breaststroker. She continued her swimming career at Albion College (MI), where she earned degrees in biology and psychology. While completing her MA degree in Health Education at Columbia University (NYC), she swam with Columbia University Masters. She also holds a PhD in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of Louisville (KY), where she swam for the Louisville YMCA Masters team.  Coach Jenn and her husband, Tony, have two college students: Nath at IUPUI and Cj (who swims) at Case Western Reserve University.   Prior to moving back to Indiana in 2001, Coach Jenn lived in St. Louis (MO) for 7 years where she was a college instructor.  She currently teaches for the Vincennes Early College Program at Ben Davis University High School. 


Coach Jenn is an ASCA level II swim coach, an ACE certified fitness instructor, and an American Red Cross WSI.  Coach Jenn’s first experience working in aquatics was as an instructor in a special swim program for disabled swimmers during her high school and college years. Her most recent experience was as an assistant coach for 5 years with Pendleton Swim Club, working primarily with age group swimmers, learn to swim programs, and dryland design.

When not at the pool, Coach Jenn has worked for a few decades as a community fitness instructor for youth, adults, and seniors, and she brings a background in yoga, resistance training, and aerobic conditioning to the club.


Getting to know Coach Jenn

  • Favorite food: chocolate cake & orange cake
  • Favorite book: Peace is Every Step & My Name is Memory
  • Favorite quote: It’s not what you get from life that counts.  It’s what you give, and what is given from the heart – Sargent Shriver
  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: Jimmy Carter because he has lived a passionate life of servant leadership, compassion for others and conscientiousness, and I want to learn from him.
  • Why do you love to coach: Coaching affords me the amazing privilege of learning from energetic athletes and enthusiastic coaches, and it often makes me smile and laugh.
John Koen Foundation Coach/ Cornerstone Assistant


Coach John was born in England and moved to the USA when he 4 years old with his parents and sisters. John swam in middle school and High School with WTSC and also dove for a short while. He has taken several forms of martial arts (Wing Chun, Tai Kwon Do and Boxing). John is currently a full-time college student at Martin University, Indianapolis and working towards a degree in Psychology. While living in Boston, MA, John worked as a bouncer as well as a roadie for a brief period of time with a punk rock band. He enjoys the art of Drift racing, Rally Car and Formula 1.


Coach John been with Lawrence Swim Team in total for almost 7 years. John began coaching in Boston with the local swim lessons program. Prior to his current coaching position as Foundation coach, he spent several years coaching lessons and then the Bedrock group. He also initiated and provided a structure to the pre-competitive program which is thriving today.

Getting to know Coach John

  • Favorite food: Yogurt

  • Favorite book: The Red Wall series, by Brian Jacques

  • Favorite quote: "I was, I will and I am working towards so I will have" -Me

  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: “Commander Sheppard of the SSV Normandy. Because, who wouldn't want to be a part of one of the greatest teams in the known universe?”

  • Why do you love to coach: “Because it fills me with pride when I see a swimmer achieve a goal they have been working towards for a while? Because nothing makes me happier than coaching!”

Martha Koen Swim School Director/Pre-Comp Coach


Martha was born in the UK, and had the great blessing of a rural upbringing. There she competed at the national Level in backstroke and IM. Martha was fortunate enough be trained by a coach of several Olympic gold medalists. Martha has one younger sister. Her husband is a pastor and together they have 6 children.


Martha began her coaching career at 17 years old and has been coaching on and off for the past 50 years. In that time she has mainly focused on the learn-to-swim through Swim America, masters and age group but also has coached national level athletes. Martha is an expert in helping kids master skill in the water and overcome fear.

Getting to know Coach Martha

  • Favorite food: fruits and vegetables

  • Favorite book: Brothers Karamazov or Flame in the Snow

  • Favorite quote: “Save yourself and thousands around you will be saved.” – St. Seraphim of Sarov

  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: Sri Yikteswar, because of his teachings of great personal discipline and great love for every stage of life; very young to very old.

  • Why do you love to coach: “I love to see people/children overcome fear and emerge, as if from a chrysalis, as a new creature with a new outlook on life.”


Kathleen Murphy Lead Masters Coach

Coach Kathleen (Kat) swam for LST throughout her childhood and has been involved with the team in one way or another since then. She started coaching Masters in the fall season of 2017 and continues to do so while also managing the lifeguards. 

Outside of LST, Coach Kat is a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician (NREMT) and an American Red Cross Instructor specializing Lifeguarding and CPR for Healthcare Professionals, occasionally teaching classes. Education wise, she is currently enrolled at IUPUI for a PhD in Astrophysics and Astronomy. 

Jasmyne Kitt Keystone Assistant/ Spire Assistant


Jasmyne (Jazzy) was homegrown in Indiana, born and raised in Indianapolis. She is the youngest of three and went through the whole cycle of LST, starting in the Lawrence swim lesson program, graduating onto to the club team and competing in high school. She currently swims in college for Uindy. She is coming full circle by first becoming a swim instructor for the swim lessons program, and then finishing the cycle now as a coach for LST. Jazzy is grateful for the club and sport which has done wonders for her life and is eager to give back to the community that helped shape her into who she is today.


This is Jazzy’s fourth year of coaching and second summer of coaching for LST. Jazzy coaching began with LST’s pre-competitive program, where she discovered that she had a passion for sharing knowledge and experiences about swimming.

Getting to know coach Jazzy

  • Favorite food: popcorn

  • Favorite book: Anything by Dr. Suess

  • Favorite quote: “You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. How if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth” – Rocky Balboa

  • If you could meet one person who would it be and why: Oprah, because I would love to hear her story personally.

  • Why do you love to coach: “I have a passion for teaching and love to make a positive impact in the lives of those around me, especially in today’s youth.”

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