Lawrence Swim Team Registration 2021-2022

Open for Returning Members

8/1/21 - 4/1/22

Open for New Members

8/22/21 - 7/1/22




This online registration process is intended for returning swimmers or new swimmers who have already had a skill evaluation and/or have been notified of their recommended skill level-based training group. If your swimmer is new to Lawrence Swim Team and has not been placed in a group, please contact Coach Matt Moen [email protected] before completing the registration process.  As part of the registration process you will have access to your own private account that will enable you to easily sign-up for swim meets, for jobs, see your child's swim time history, maintain your own contact information, and more.

IMPORTANT for NEW CLUB MEMBERS ONLY - In order to participate in official competitive swim programs, Indiana Swimming (the governing agency) requires all members age 18 or younger to provide proof of age.  Acceptable proof of age is a copy of the member's birth certificate provided by state/county health department, driver's license, or passport.  This proof of age must be provided by LST to Indiana Swimming before a swimmer may participate in any meets.  A $100 fine by Indiana Swimming could be assessed if your child is entered in a meet and proof of age has not been provided. (This is a one-time requirement. If you did this in a previous season, you do not have to do this again.)

To provide an electronic copy, please e-mail proof of age to [email protected].

To provide paper copy, please mail to:  Lawrence Swim Team

                                                               11715 Fox Road, Ste 400-134

                                                               Indianapolis, IN  46236

Registration Options - LST offers Full Year, Winter Season and Summer Season registration options.

IMPORTANT - LST registration/membership fees are based upon training group of which your athlete is assigned.  Please be certain to select the correct group in order to insure proper billing.  If you are uncertain which group your child should register for please do not complete registration and contact Head Coach Matt Moen [email protected] immediately.

Payment due at checkout - The registration fees due at checkout include: (1) Nonrefundable USA Swimming registration ($83); (2) club team fees (varies depending on group selection and payment option).

Billing and Payment Options - Payment for the USA Swimming fee is due in full at checkout.  LST team registration and membership fees may be paid in full, or may be paid in equal installments over 10 months (the club's program year).  Payments for this initial registration, and for future club fees, may be made by credit card (either automatically recurring each month, or on demand), by ACH draft directly from a banking account, by check or by cash.  LST uses its online billing system to bill most recurring costs related to club swimming.  After initial registration, monthly charges will typically include club membership fees (as applicable), fees for entry into swim meets, and charges for merchandise (for example, swim caps provided at practice or at meets).  Please select your preferred billing option.

Payment by credit card (automatically recurring) - Your credit card will be charged on the 1st of each billing month for the full balance due on your account.  You may change the credit card used at any time by updating your personal account information.  This is the recommended payment method for purposes of simplicity, ease of management and avoidance of late payment charges.

Payment by credit card (on demand) -  You may pay by credit card through a one-time, non-recurring transaction.  This payment method requires that you login to the website on a monthly basis to submit payment and credit card information.

Payment by ACH draft - You may pay directly from a banking account by ACH draft.

Payment by check - You may pay by check.  Please make checks payable to Lawrence Swim Team and mail to Lawrence Swim Team, 11715 Fox Road, Ste 400-134, Indianapolis, IN  46236.

Payment by cash - You may pay with cash.  Because payment by cash is the least secure of all payment methods, LST discourages payment by cash.  However, if payment by cash is your preferred method, please deliver cash payments directly to Chris Bradburn, LST Treasurer.  Do not mail cash, and do not deliver cash to coaches.

LST Team Support - Lawrence Swim Team believes that all children who wish to swim should have that opportunity.  LST also understands that the cost of swimming can be difficult for families.  To help offset the cost of membership LST offers Team Support.  LST follows the guidelines of the MSD of Lawrence Township free/reduced meal program to determine eligibility for Team Support.  If your family qualifies for free or reduced price meals through school and you would like to request Team Support, please contact Kim Peck, LST Treasurer, at [email protected] .  All discussions are confidential.

Multi-swimmer Discount - LST offers a 5.0% discount on member fees to families with 2 registered swimmers, and a 10.0% discount to families with 3 or more registered swimmers.

All payments must be received by the 5th of each month in order to avoid a late fee of $5.00.  Credit card payments are subject to a processing fee (charged by banking service providers, not retained by the club) of 2.95% of the transaction amount, plus a flat fee of $0.28/transaction.  ACH payments are subject to a transaction fee of $2.50/transaction (charged by banking service providers, not retained by club).  Bank charges and processing fees are subject to change.

Insurance/Emergency Contact Information - For new swimmers please enter insurance & emergency contact information.  Click the tab on the first registration screen to access the input pages.  For all returning members, please check address and phone information.  Please update information as necessary.