1. Is the Narwhals a seasonal team or a year-long team?

The Narwhals are a summer seasonal team, operating between the end of May and early August every year. 

2. Who is eligible to be on the Narwhals?

Anyone who is 5-18 years of age as of June 1 of the swim season, who lives in University Hills, and who is "water safe" is eligible to be on the Narwhals.

3. What does "water safe" mean? 

A water safe swimmer should be able to safely swim one lap, in any stroke or style.

4. Can I invite my friends who do not live in University Hills to join the team.

By contract with ICHA and the HRB, the Narwhals can only accept residents of University Hills.

5. Can children with special needs join the Narwhals?

Swimmers with special needs are welcome on the Narwhals, as long as they meet the basic requirements (5-18, live in University Hills, water safe).

6. Where and when do the Narwhals train?

The Narwhals hold practice at the Coltrane pool, between 3 pm and 6:30 pm, Mondays to Fridays.

7. Does that mean the Coltrane pool is closed to other swimmers during that time?

The Narwhals will use up to 5 lines of the pool during these hours. Remaining lanes and facilities, including the wading pool and spa, will be available for use by the entire University Hills community.

8. Will my child attend the whole practice?

Each child will be placed in a group that will be offered practice between 45-60 minutes a day.

9. What time will my child practice?

Times of practice will be assigned late in the spring once team signups have been completed or nearly completed. Younger children typically swim earlier in the day, and older children later.

10. Does my child have to practice every day?

No. Practices are offered daily, but attendance is not required.

11. What if I go on vacation?

There is no requirement to attend every week. Each swimmer participates when able.

12. We will be away half the summer. Can we pay partial fees?

There are no partial fees. Registration is for the entire summer season.

13. When are swim meets held?

Swim meets are held on Saturdays, from about 8 am to about 1 pm.

14. How many swim meets are there?

In 2022, we will have one time trials meet, 5 dual meets and one championship meet. See "events" tab for more info.

15. How do I qualify to participate in meets?

All swimmers are invited to participate in all meets, though participation in the ISL Team Championship Meet is dependent on having swum at least one prior meet (see next point).

16. Tell me more about the ISL Team Championship Meet.

Swimmers are highly encouraged to participate in the ISL Team Championship Meet. All swimmers will be able to swim in at least one event of their choice regardless if they meet the time qualifications, as long as they swum in at least one meet prior. Additionally it is an opportunity to swim in a world class Olympic pool with kids from all over Irvine. More participation in the event means more opportunity to win points for the team and potentially win team awards.

17. My children have other activities on Saturdays. Can they still be on the Narwhals?

Participation in swim meets, just like practices, is not required. The amount of participation is up to the family. However, we encourage swimmers if possible to participate in at least one prior meet and then the ISL Team Championship Meet.

18. What if I can't come to an event or practice? Do I have to notify anyone?

There is no need to notify anyone if the swimmer cannot come to practice. To assist with planning, the family of any child that cannot participate in a Saturday meet that week is required to email the team coach by end of the day on Wednesday. The email address will be provided to all swimmers' families before the start of the season.

18. Is a Narwhals swimsuit required?

A Narwhals suit is required for swim meets. Please contact Clare Mang ([email protected]) for more info about apparel.