About the Village Park Piranhas

One of the Irvine Swim League's founding teams, the Village Park Piranhas are a family-oriented, volunteer-run organization with approximately 130 swimmers from the Village Park community and its surrounding neighborhoods. Daily practices and home meets are held at the Village Park pool as are several social events for team families. Approximately 300+ people attend every swim meet.

Team loyalty and camaraderie are very strong; some families have been Piranhas for multiple generations and some have joined with young children who went on to become team coaches.


About the Irvine Swim League

Founded in 1985, the Irvine Swim League is a summer youth recreation program comprised of 21  teams with approximately 2500 swimmers between the ages of 5–18 years.

Teams are organized through the city and homeowners' associations and meets are held on Saturdays from June through early August.

Each weekend, teams alternate hosting meets against one or two other teams, drawing between 150–300 families to their home pool. At the end of the season the league championship meet is held at the Woollett Aquatic Center with all teams in attendance.


Team Philosophy

We want our swimmers to have fun by developing their physical skills, making new friends and renewing old ones, gaining self-confidence, improving their personal event times, learning sportsmanship, and enjoying safe and friendly competition. We want to cheer each swimmer on, helping them to do their best.