Some things you may not be aware of, but need to know!

Swim requirements: Your child must be able to swim 25 yards. Our coaches will work on their strokes and speed.

Residency:   Your child must live in or attend school in Irvine. Irvine residents who do not pay  dues to VPCA Homeowners Association pay an additional $30 per swimmer. For all new swimmers or swimmers who did not swim last year with the Irvine Swim League the Irvine Swim League requires a copy (for us to keep) of your child's proof of age (birth certificate, passport, driver's license or DMV identification card). NEW Swimmers  only must submit two proofs of Irvine residency such as utility bills.  A copy of the forms that were submitted to IUSD for continuing enrollment may be used. Swimmers who live out of Irvine but attend an Irvine school will need to submit a school report card or transcript.

Irvine Swim League Fee:  All ISL Swimmers must pay $ 50 during registration. 

Age: Swimmers must be between the ages of 5 and 18 on June 1, 2019

Pool distance for Meets: 5-6 and 7-8 year olds swim 25 yard races. Swimmers 9 and above swim 50 yards.

Race event numbers: Boys swim even numbers and Girls swim odd numbered events.

Race order: Medley Relay, Butterfly, Back, Individual Medley (9-10 and older), Breast, Freestyle, Freestyle Relay.

Competition Age Groups: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-18. Age group is determined by age as of June 1.

Swim Meets: Swim Meets are Saturdays at 9:00 am for Pledge and first relay race to 1:30 - 2:00 pm. We have  one time trials meet with just our swimmers, three  dual swim meets at the Village Park pool and two away dual swim meets. Meets typically involve two ISL teams, sometimes three for a tri-meet. Swimmers are to be at the pool at 7:40am.

Practice Schedule:  

Daily  Tuesday - Friday    

  Group 1 (Ages 5-7)    3:30-4:30         Group 2 (Ages 8-10) 4:30-5:45        Group 3 (Ages 11-18)  5:45 - 7:00.

Practices and Meets are not mandatory, but to get the most out of the season try to attend at least three practices per week. You must declare your attendance on line by Tuesday prior to each swim

Soft DQ: A soft disqualification applies only to swimmers in the 5-6 age group (for the first four swim meets of the season) and the 7-8 age group (for the first 3 swim meets of the season). It represents a rule infraction, but does not penalize your child by altering their placement or time improvement standings. It is intended to be instructional and informative and to provide the swimmer with feedback for correction. The coaches will take this information and work with your child on the cited rule infraction(s).

DQ (Disqualification): Disqualification due to rule infraction. A DQ results in the swimmer's time in that race not being recorded. They will receive a participant ribbon for that race but will not be eligible for placement or time improvement ribbons.

Refund Policy: We request refunds be submitted by May 30th to ensure requests can be properly fulfilled with the ISL before their May 30 th deadline. Absolutely no refunds will be processed or provided after May 30th.  

Volunteering: All families must meet their volunteer responsibilities of 6 points.  In the event you are unable to work your shift, you may hire a substitute who is older than 14 years. If you miss your shift, your $50 volunteer check will be cashed and you will need to replace it before the next meet  for your swimmer to continue participatiing (it will otherwise be shredded at the end of the season if you show up for all your commitments).

Sponsors: We love our sponsors! Please support our sponsors! If you are interested in sponsoring the Village Park Piranhas, please view our sponsor information page

Coaches: In order to provide expert swim instruction for all of our swimmers and advanced skills training for our student coaches, we have hired a professional swim coach, Tyler Curry,  who will be heading a carefully selected and committed team of Assistant and Junior Coaches.

Volunteer Coaches: All 15- 18 year-old Piranhas swimmers are welcomed to apply as a Volunteer Coach.