Parental Supervision Policy

We will be following the VPCA pool rules, some of which are based on state law, for all practices, meets and events that occur at the Village Park pool.


1. Gates musts be kept locked at all times. The gate can never be propped open. This represents a health hazard and the pool can be shut down if it receives a violation.

2. A gate monitor is required to be at the gate at all times during practice to let non-resident swim team members into the pool area.

3. Non-resident swimmers and their families may arrive no more than 15 minutes before practice and must leave within 15 minutes after practice, unless invited and accompanied by a resident.

4. Park your car in a designated parking area only.

5. Everyone must help ensure the pool is left safe and clean after each use.

6. Any children swimming in the wading pool must have a parent or adult at the wading pool.

7. Any children in the jacuzzi must have a parent or adult at the jacuzzi.

8. All children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or designated adult at all times while in the pool area.

9. Swimmers will "check in" for practice with pool monitors, who will verify that necessary adults are in attendance. If a swimmer is not accompanied by an adult (see previous guideline), he/she will not be allowed in the gate nor allowed to practice. This policy is for your swimmer's safety. The situation will be referred to the Board at the first sign of offense.

10. No running and no glass containers are allowed in the pool area.

11. Do not allow your kids to hang on the lane lines. The lane lines could break and you will be responsible for this cost which is around $1,500.

12. Swim caps should be worn by all swimmers.

13. Professional swim attire such as Speedos should be worn at all times. The coaches request that rash guards not be worn during the practice session as they make swimming and learning the proper technique more difficult.

14. Swim fins are strongly recommended for all swimmers. Coaches will conduct special drills during practice that will require swim fins.

15. No diving into the pool except when instructed by the coaches to do so.

16. No diving or jumping into the pool where there is less than 5 feet of water.

17. The Head Coach and coaching staff have complete authority at practices, events and meets. His/her directions must be followed at all times.

18. Parents are not allowed on the surrounding pool deck during practices. Parent coaching is not allowed. Do not interrupt coaches while they are coaching.

19. Children will not be allowed to swim if their parent is not meeting their volunteer responsibilities.