It is the goal of the Village Park Piranhas Swim Team to provide a positive atmosphere where children will learn safe swimming with the proper techniques and fair play through friendly competition in a team setting. Swimmers should be helped to realize their place of importance within our team and our community. Our swimmers are representing our team, our neighborhood and the Irvine Swim League (ISL). We have worked long and hard to present ourselves positively, and we trust you will work with us to maintain our positive standing.

Behavioral Expectations

1. Swimmers should come to each practice and swim meet prepared to give their best effort.

2. A Family is defined as an ISL-registered swimmer and their parents, guardians, other family members and guests. “Families” is defined as one or more Family.

3. The Head Coach and coaching staff have complete authority at practices, events and meets. Swimmers and Families must listen to the coaches and follow their directions at all times.

4. Families must treat others with respect and courtesy. They will respect the rights and property of others. They will not disrupt meets, practices or other events by behaving inappropriately. This includes and is not limited to inappropriate language, rude gestures, harmful remarks, harassment, bullying, kicking, pushing, unsportsmanlike conduct, name calling, fighting, provoking a fight between other individuals, or participating in activities which result in physical harm or violence to any person or damage to any property.

5. Parents and guardians must follow the Parental Supervision Policy, ISL Parent Code of Conduct and the ISL Rules.

6. Families must follow the Village Park Community Association Rules of Conduct regarding appropriate use of the pool facilities.

Disciplinary Procedures

In the event of unacceptable behavior as outlined above, attempts will be made to redirect the behavior through personal counseling with the Family.

1. If a Family violates the Village Park Piranhas Rules of Conduct, they may be removed from the practice, meet or event by the Head Coach or a Board Member.

2. If a Family is removed from a practice, meet or event, their parent must meet with the Head Coach and/or team President before they will be allowed to participate further.

The final decision on disciplinary action will be made by the Board of Directors of the Village Park Piranhas, and may take the form of an informal reprimand, removal from practices, meets, or events for a period of time, exclusion from social events, fines, or removal from the team with no refunds.