Village Park Community Association Rules of Conduct

We have, for several years, had a Memorandum of Understanding with the Village Park Community Association (VPCA). This is a contract between the Piranhas and the VPCA that dictates how we are expected to operate in exchange for the use of the pool. We are including this for your reference, so you may know and understand what the VPCA expects of us.


1. Non-resident swimmers and their families may not arrive more than 15 minutes before practice and must leave 15 minutes after practice, unless invited and accompanied by a VPCA resident.

2. Gate must be kept closed and locked at all times. There must be a gate monitor at the gate watching who comes in and out during all swim practices and beginning of swim meets.

3. All children under 14 years of age must have a parent in attendance at all times.

4. Parents shall only park in a designated parking space. There are no exceptions! Cars will be towed at owners’ expense.

5. When practice has concluded, pool and deck must be left in a safe and sanitary condition, all equipment must be put away, and the front gate must be closed and locked.

6. Swim team may use the clubhouse for food preparation during swim meets. All clubhouse rules apply. If the clubhouse is not left in a clean and sanitary condition, there may be a charge of $30 per hour for any additional cleanup expenses incurred by VPCA.

7. No children are permitted in the clubhouse. No wet clothing or towels are permitted in the clubhouse. All garbage must be bagged and removed to the dumpster after clubhouse use. Clubhouse must be left clean with vacuumed carpets, clean counters, furniture etc. Clubhouse will be available for use by VPCA residents with reservations no earlier than 2:30 pm on meet days. No swim team supplies will be kept in the clubhouse later than 2:30 pm on meet days. No swim team supplies for meets will be brought to the clubhouse before the meet unless permission is received from the office.

8. If swim team wishes to have a team function in the clubhouse, prior arrangements must be made with VPCA. No swim team member may use the clubhouse for a personal function unless they rent the clubhouse separately. Again, clubhouse must be left clean and secured.

9. Non-resident swimmers and their families must vacate the VPCA facility as soon as the meet is concluded and after take down is complete.

10. Parents must be at the wading pool if their child is in the wading pool. Small children in diapers must wear swim diapers when in the wading pool or swimming pool.

11. It is the main responsibility of the parents to instruct their children NOT to hang on the lane lines. The approximate cost to replace a lane line is $1,500.00 and this would be the responsibility of said parent to reimburse the swim team for this cost.  Please advise your children.

12. Please be considerate of your neighbors. No meet setup or parent setting up of their own sites is allowed before 7:00 am except for concessions.

13. PA System shall not be turned on before 7:00 am and shall be kept at half volume for swimmer warm-up before the meet begins. No sound check at full volume can occur prior to meet start.

Banners are only allowed during swim meets and only if they face inward.