The Piranhas swim team is comprised of volunteers committed to creating a fun, supportive and safe activity for our children.  The faces of our volunteers look like parents, grandparents, older siblings, nannies, and dedicated family friends. We work together to ensure all positions are filled to operate swim meets, provide oversight at practice in compliance with the Village Park Community Association, and provide services to our swim families. None of this would be possible without the participation of every swim family.

To ensure all positions are filled, families are required to either fill board or key positions, or to complete a total of 7 job credit points. Volunteer assignments are typically 1.5-3 hours long and worth 1-2 credits each.

It is the responsibility of each swim family to sign-up for positions and fill the positions signed-up for. Failure to work committed positions creates a strategic and safety challenge for the swim team, resulting in the cashing of the deposit check as a penalty to discourage such actions. Please refer to the Piranha Parent Handbook for further details.

General Positions are listed in the event schedule tab according to date of event, position, and time or meet half. A total of 6 credits  are required to complete your volunteering commitment for the season. General positions are great for people who want to volunteer during practice or meets, for specific times and dates according to their calendars. Scheduling of these positions opens in early May after the parent meeting. 

Key Positions are held for the duration of the swim season. Some positions are initiated before season starts and end in early July. No other volunteering is required, other than performing the function of the designated key position. Key positions are great for people who are self-motivated, have a less flexible schedule, and/or desire to utilize existing skills or develop new skills. Please contact any board member to discuss an open position you are interested in.

Board Positions are held for a full calendar year. These positions can be renewed annually by the same individuals, as agreed upon by the Piranha board collectively.