The swim team board is a volunteer based representation of resident and non-resident parents of Piranha swimmers. The board works collectively to determine actions and purchases made by and for the swim team.

  • President (VPCA resident) - Brooke Young
  • Vice-President (VPCA resident) - Open
  • Vice-President Registration - Lu Pires
  • Statistician - Monica Glen
  • Treasurer - Arnold Cho
  • Volunteers Coordinator - Marissa Dew (looking for replacement)
  • Secretary - Cheryl D'Anna

Board position descriptions are as follows:

President (VPCA resident)

  • ISL – serves as team liaison and attends ISL board events/meetings (monthly March-August).
  • VPCA serves as team liaison and attends VPCA board meetings (1-2). Coordinates keys from VPCA for coaches and cafe coordinators, addresses concerns for VPCA office.
  • Piranhas Board – attends swim board meeting with other board members to address agenda items (monthly Jan-Aug).
  • Parent meeting presents swim team to parents at parent meeting.
  • Awards dinner  distributes end of season swimmer trophies. Acknowledges parents for volunteering.
  • Swim meets meets and greets visiting team presidents; meets/coordinates with hosting team presidents.
  • Oversight swim team. Available for emergency events at VPCA pool of swimmers and property.
  • Recruiting works with board members to recruit new board members as necessary. Searches for head coach when necessary.

Vice-President (VPCA resident)

  • Support – supports president in meetings, swim events, swim team activities. Will involve attending different meetings for president as “pinch hitter”. This position is ideally a president-in-training.

Vice-President Registrar

  • Advertises – publicizes approaching registration dates for returning and new swimmers.
  • Communication – announces opening of registration via email, and communicates directly with families with registration relevant swim questions
  • Registration – collects and processes registration for returning and new swimmers. Coordinates with ISL registration of all swimmers. Collects residency verification proof for ISL


  • Team stats and records – enters and maintains information on team laptop at each team meet, at home and away, including championship meet. Prints labels for ribbons. Forwards relevant data night of meet to team reporter. Coordinates with ribbon writer and sorters at time of meets.
  • Ribbons manages inventory and orders from ISL as needed for each season
  • Trophies – plans, prepares, and orders end of season swimmer trophies.
  • Oversees - ribbon writers and sorters at meets, and team reporter for ISL newspaper submissions and team website


  • Money management – manages inflow and outflow of all moniesPays team bills from team bank account, reimburses receipts, and performs audits of café sales.
  • Maintains – files of all relevant receipts and invoices.

Volunteers Coordinator

  • Website oversight – monitors scheduling and assignment fulfillment by volunteers.
  • Volunteer accountability – assesses penalties with treasurer for no-show individuals.
  • Trains mentor leads for key meet positions (ready bench, timers, facilities). Trains leads and volunteers to execute positions successfully.
  • Oversight prepares name tags for volunteers at all meets. Greets volunteers and directs as necessary to successfully complete assignments for meets (home & away) and daily pool practice (deck and gate monitors). Provides waters for volunteers on deck at home meets.


  • Finances – performs money counts with treasurer at conclusion of each home meet.
  • Meetings – schedules meetings for board member events. Drafts meeting agendas and document meeting minutes for presidential review. Posts information in team docs folder for Board member access. Project manages all board activities.
  • Team website – responsible for routing general inquiries to the appropriate parties. Manages website edits in a timely manner.
  • Team Parent Handbook & Calendar – responsible for editing parent handbook and calendar of events. Provides season calendar to VPCA.
  • Team communications responsible for drafting and forwarding email communications from Team Unify to swim families. Communicates directions and cafe menu with visiting teams.
  • Team Shirts - generates sizing spreadsheet and orders shirts for printing. Distributes shirts to swimmers at season start.