These positions have specific responsibilities and are critical to daily operations of the team and for competitive meets.  Parent Volunteer obligations for the season are completed when the minimum number of points are fulfilled. See the Job Sign-up pages for positions, schedules and points.


Facilities Set-up / Breakdown – Volunteers needed to come early and/or stay late to set-up/fold-down EZ ups, move patio furniture, rope off area and prepare for meet or store equipment in shed.  Reports directly to Facilities Manager.

Timer – Responsible for keeping time of swimmers each meet. Operates a stop watch. Reports directly to Lead timer.

Clipboard Timer- Operates a stop watch, checks swimmers in at lane and records watch times.

Back up Timer- Will start the stopwatch at the beginning of each race. If one of the primary timers raises their hand because the watch didn't work or started or stopped too soon, the back up timer will complete the race.

Ready Bench – Responsible for organizing and shepherding swimmers to position for each race. Reports directly to Ready Bench Coordinator.

Runner – Responsible for quickly getting swimmers’ time cards from timers after races, and running them to the sorter's table.  You will be running! Reports directly to Team Statistician.

Gate Monitor –  Make sure all swimmers check-in upon arrival for swim team practice and that all swimmers 13 years and younger are accompanied by an adult.  Alerts arriving parents of communications, including potluck sign-up sheets, apparel sales, upcoming meets, social and fundraising events. Monitor is NOT responsible for admitting adults and/or children NOT AFFILIATED with the team. Tuesday- Friday only, 3:15-6:15 pm. Must NOT prop the gate open. Reports directly to the Volunteers Coordinator.

Piranha Café Helper– Responsible for providing friendly customer service when selling food/drink (smiling), assembling and serving food/drinks (standing), replenishing stock (lifting and moving items), and creating sno-cones (operating machine). Performs basic math addition and subtraction in payment with cash/change for food/drink. Follows basic Servsafe rules to ensure safe handling of foods in prevention of foodborne illnesses.   Setting up tables and tents, equipment (hot water heaters), serving ware, food, drinks. Includes lifting and moving of food/drink and equipment. Follows basic Servsafe rules to ensure safe handling of foods in prevention of foodborne illnesses. Reports directly to the Piranha Café Manager.

Piranha Café Grill Master – Responsible for heating up grill and scraping grills clean before use and cleaning grill and grill area after use. Cooks hamburgers and hotdogs on demand; may include toasting buns. Follows basic Servsafe rules to ensure safe handling of foods in prevention of food borne illnesses. Reports directly to the Piranha Café Managers.

Piranha Café Grill Master Assistant- Helps the Grill Master. Reports directly to the Piranha Café Manager.

Piranha Café Donations- Purchase, pick-up and deliver items for the Café. Maximum one donation per family.

Social/Fundraising Event Helper – Assists during potlucks, banquet, and Piranhathon setting up event tables, arranging food, replenishing serving ware, and cleaning up after the event. Includes folding and storing tables.  Reports directly to the Party Planner or Fundraising Coordinator.

Swimmer check-in- Check in swimmers prior to meet and writes events numbers on swimmers arm.

Volunteer check-in- Responsible for setting up station, Checking in volunteers prior to the start of the meet and at half time, makes sure all timers have stopwatches and clipboards (including visiting team).

Sno-Cone Maker- Responsible for making sno-cones during meets and special events.